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A true game changer to my investing career

I joined DK about a year and a half ago. I started investing around 2011, and while I did kind of ok, most of the time I was underwhelmed with my returns. I came to realize that I needed to make changes in order to meet my financial goals. I believe one of my greatest strengths is identifying competence, so I shopped around the SA marketplace and joined a couple of services. After a year and a half, I am fully convinced that joining Dividend Kings was one of the best financial decisions I ever made! Not only do I now have in depth research, awesome tools like the 500 stock research terminal and regular updates, but what I was really missing was a community like I found on Dividend Kings. Apart from sharing news, facts, etc, for me it is like an emotional support group for when the market goes crazy, when I start doubting my decisions and fear takes a hold of me, the community in the chat (and the authors, which are very responsive) never fails to bring my conviction back. I still use more than this one service, however this is where 70% of my money is, and its the only service I can recommend to friends and family without any doubt. Whatever your situation might be – beginner or experienced investor, small or big account etc, you will find incredible value here, and feel like part of the community in no time! A big thanks to Dividend Sensei and team for what you have built and the ongoing work you put into this service so we can sleep well at night!

Best of Breed

Dividend Kings is a “one-stop” shopping site within Seeking Alpha that is by far the most comprehensive evaluation tool for dividend growth stocks (including stock value calculation, risk assessment, safety evaluation, among other pertinent stock performance critical criteria). I am a zealot in terms of building a retirement portfolio largely based on dividend growth stocks. Over the past 3 years I have used them as my go-to stop for in-depth dividend growth stock evaluation. The value of their premium content is immeasurable in terms of return on investment and I will be with them for many years to come!

Sleep Well At Night

The markets are dropping. Growth stock, tech stocks, value stocks, bonds, and gold are all losing value. But I’m still collecting dividends to continue to buy down or use as income. In fact, my dividend income is still rising. Sure there is a chance a few companies may cut or suspend dividends, but many have continued to grow their dividends for 25 – 50 years — through recessions. Knowing which companies have the management, financial reserves and capability to continue performing despite the headwinds is invaluable. Dividend Kings helps me to pick the strongest companies capable of riding out these storms while still outperforming the markets. That’s what allows me to sleep well at night.

Great Service for Beginner Investors

I’ve been a member of DK for about a year and a half right around when I started investing in individual stocks. I’ve learned so much from the detailed articles, discussions and other members in the chats. The entire DK team provides a wealth of experience. It’s refreshing to have the members bring their own views (sometimes differing) to the table. The team is always happy to quickly answer any questions in the comments and chat. There are so many tools it might seem overwhelming at first, but they are seriously great. I’ve been happy with the stock recommendations where quality and value always come first.

My Most Valuable Service

I started out investing in stocks in 2018 using Morningstar as a guide but felt the recommendations were dated. I began following Dividend Sensei on Seeking Alpha because I felt his writing was informative, educational and based in exhaustive data analysis. Since becoming a Dividend Kings member, I find the chat room extremely valuable for learning, getting new investment ideas, feedback from other members and especially the Kings themselves. But the coup de grace is access to the Master List of 500 stocks that is updated regularly and gives me meaningful data to base my investing decisions on. I’m able to download the updated data directly into my spreadsheet…how great is that! There are lots more tools to explore but my favorite is the Automated Investment Decision tool that I use constantly. Overall the subscription is well worth the investment and I’d rather fight than switch!

Best Investing Service Out There

This service is unbelievable. So many tools. Whether you are retired and looking for safe dividend payers (like me) or younger and looking for growth, DK provides it all. I will not invest in any stock without first checking the quality, safety and value data provided by DK in their easy-to-use tools.

Love This Service

I would highly recommend this service to others looking to improve their portfolios! I was following Dividend Sensei for the past 3-4 years before subscribing, but subscribing was even better.

Excellent Service

Can’t say enough about this service. Way too much information for this simpleton to absorb. The valuation tool is my go to spot to evaluate the stock I’m looking at. These people work very hard to give the best advice supported by facts. They continue to try to improve their product. Thank You. P.J.

DK Team

The DK team has the information and demonstrates the discipline needed for reviewing daily, planning long term and taking action at a cadence that is necessary to generate sustainable, growing cash flow. The mix of tools, video, articles and the Chat is very broad to give the structure needed and still have the real discussion where we can ask in the Chat, “why don’t I just sell everything and buy X?”. The DK team are real people and are humble to be sharing their thought processes and how they defer themselves to the principles that are well established.

I wholehartedly recommend DK

The perfect tools to get me started in investing. I have been using them for over 2 years and will keep on using. Totally recommended if you are into long term and/or dividend oriented investing.

Conservative Portfolio Risk MGT

Nice choices for retired income and growth investors

Timely, Very Relevant Information and Actionable Advice

The insightful articles presented on an almost daily basis along with real time chat makes this service a must read every trading day. The authors detail exactly why they recommend a move either in or out of a security or fund or whether to hold it pending further analysis. Highly recommended!

The Dividend Kings subscription has been a game changer for me!

I have been reading Seeking Alpha public articles and acting on recommendations from the Dividend Kings for a couple years now. This spring I finally paid my few hundred bucks to subscribe to their full service. It has been an incredibly valuable investment for me. I used to pay a broker tens of thousands of dollars a year to “manage” my investments, and the value I am receiving from the Dividend Kings for just a few hundred bucks is far superior. I had a liquidity event in June, and I had my buy list and number of shares for each position carefully curated from the Dividend Kings proprietary correction planning tool, their model portfolios, and their top buy lists. I confidently deployed most of my new funds over the course of the past six weeks. I have now created a diversified “Buffet style” dividend growth portfolio that generates a very nice yield, and has long term expected total returns of 12-15%. I have also received some excellent personalized support on some strategic portfolio questions and some individual investments. Their chat room is excellent- many very smart and highly skilled investors sharing ideas- and much can be learned from it. I’ve subscribed to three services on Seeking Alpha, and Dividend Kings is the clear winner. Their strategy aligns perfectly with my goals; generate a solid income with a high probability for safe and steady growth in both yield and portfolio value. Well done Dividend Kings, and THANK YOU!

Incredibly Amazing Investing Knowledge at an Incredibly reasonable price

I can’t be happier with my subscription to the dividend kings. I have been subscribed to many different services on seeking alpha over the past sveral years and this is the only one that I have never cancelled. An amazing amount of screening tools, stock investing strategies, select stocks, etf’s, etc. You name it and it is part of this subscription service. All thoughtfully written with several different points of view from different types of investors. I couldn’t be happier. They have kept me afloat in this crazy market with knowledge beyond just stock picking and have been correct every step of the way. If you want to invest wisely for your retirement this is the one place to look. Keep up the great work guys!

Good Service

Overall a very good investing service. The lead subjects, DS and Brad Thomas do a great job. identifying investment opportunities. The bench behind them is a bit weak in my opinion. I would prefer a bit more focus on value investing and miss Chuck in that regard. Based on those points I was going to rate them 4 stars, however when I look at the profits they have helped me generate it has to be 5 stars. I use the Master List and some other tools a great deal and find them invaluable. I have found DS to be responsive to questions and rate him as one of the best analysts I have ever followed and have been investing many years.

DK helps me grow as an investor

Dividend Kings is an excellent service that I whole heartedly recommend. The tools, community, mindset & knowledge that Dividend_Sensei brings everyday are worth far more than the subscription price. As far as I can tell, the tools are second to none on Seeking Alpha, with the watchlists, portfolios driven by fundamentals like valuation and quality ratings. The community has a deep and committed membership that share common goals, are supportive, collaborative and respectful. As the leader, Adam(DS) sets a wonderful example every day, is truly knowledgable and even keel in his reaction to daily events. The team at DK works well together and is committed to your success. I have become a much better investor with this service and I’m constantly learning and improving. The only knock is that I miss Chuck Carnevale (Mr. Valuation) leaving and am looking for a 60+ year old replacement to represent retired investors. Overall, I give DK the highest rating. I’m going to stay on this service for as long as Adam and the gang stay. Join us!

The Dividend Kings

This service for me has been 90+% if not more! Can’t ask for more than that!

I finally have a direction

There are so many wonderful tools that the Dividend Kings have and offer it is almost overwhelming. I have spent the first 6 months of 2022 learning how to manage my own investments. It has been a wild scary ride. I stumbled upon the Dividend Kings in March and have been so happy with their service. I have been gradually modifying my portfolio and I am thrilled with the results. I definitely sleep better at night now. Thank you Dividend Kings!

Consistency is everything!

I think what seperates dividend kings from the other subscriptions can be simply summed up in one word. Consistency Everything else is a nice but the most important thing is that the Team is always consistent with their updates and more importantly , their results !

Beating the market!

Outstanding I am doing much better than the Market with these stock recommendations


like most investors I’ve used numerus services over the years. always hot to trot at first then a few months later the service just doesn’t provide lasting quality so you move on. Found Dividend Kings about three years ago and can say without a doubt I’m a better, wiser, more confident and patient investor thanks to DK. but it’s not just Adam, Nick, Justin, Noah, Wolf and Paul it is the MEMBERS that make this service unique people from all walks, professions and countries that are more then willing to offer help and Share their knowledge. Dividend Kings is a fairly new service 3-4 yrs old and anyone who has ever built a business from ground up without huge sums of money understands the drive , effort and sacrifices it takes these folks work there tails off to provide the best service available. all I can say is THANK YOU

Confident decision making.

DK info keeps me anchored in my decisions.

Great job

I like seeing the stocks that are on sale. Seeing the discount percentage is very helpful when looking to make a purchase. Overall, I really enjoy the service. The community has been good as well. It’s the tools that make this a wonderful experience. Thank you.

I’ve become a more confident and competent investor

I am very pleased with The Dividend Kings. This service has made me a more confident and competent investor. No need to panic if and when stock prices decline because I am now purchasing only high-quality stocks at fair value or better. I’m more diversified. I’m better prepared to weather whatever market storm arrives. And I keep some funds set aside to take advantage of market dips. I am spending far less time wringing my hands and second-guessing myself. The DK chat-room community is great. And the individual DKs are very willing to answer questions and share opinions, especially via the chat room. (I joined Dividend Kings in May 2020.)

Can’t say enough good things.

I get a huge amount of value from this service. It’s helped me pick stocks I would have no idea about, provided tools to properly allocate, and what to do in various market conditions. I can’t say enough about this service. I use the chat every single day and I greatly appreciate the daily stock reports. Absolutely fantastic stuff from the DK team!


I’ve been a member for a couple of months now and have to say I like this service more and more every day. There’s a huge wealth of knowledge to tap into. The analysis is excellent and tools top notch to create your perfect portfolio. I would highly recommend this service.

Review of DK

I have only been a member for a couple of months but so far it has provided the information and advice i feel i needed to go it alone in managing my retirement portfolio. DK are very active and updating on current market conditions and opportunities. Plenty of tools to help analyse stocks and will reply to any questions quickly.

Reseach Based Portfolio Advice

The dividend Kings provide practical and useful insights based on thorough research. The tools, including the research terminal, are very easy to use and helpful. I have been able to build a portfolio that has held up very well in this downturn by following their recommendations. I highly recommend their service, not just for the recommendations but for the confidence that they are based on thorough research.

Four reasons why I’m 100% satisfied with my subscription to Dividend Kings

#1 Transparent: The authors share what THEY are buying, few do that! #2 Portfolios: Several portfolios based on different desires (like already retired to just starting out) are shared showing every single trade made, both buy and sell and the resulting year to date and year over year returns. You can emulate, duplicate or modify. I’ve found that very refreshing. #3 Tools (A): I love using the search engine to get stocks that are already analyzed and graded based on categories important to me. Takes seconds, I use those stocks for my watch/buy list and then determine when and at what price I want to buy a particular stock. (B) Selling, although I don’t sell that often, I use the same tools to help me review my stocks monthly. These tools allow me to realize when a stock I own is way overvalued. I use that tool to consider selling a particular stock each month. If I do sell, I’ve already used the tools for my watch list and have an easy time finding another stock to replace the one I just sold! #4 Confidence: These tools as well as the large number of team members analysis on each particular stock gives me much more confidence AND saves so much time. If you manage any of your own money this service is more than worth the investment. You NEED tools that DK has to reduce your time in managing your money. So glad to be a part of what has grown in value over the last eighteen months.

Highly Recommend this service!

I have been a subscriber to Dividend Kings for about a year now. I love the updates and articles. It’s a great source to refer to when making investment decisions!! I highly recommend this service to anyone managing all or part of their own money:)

Love it.

Great ideas, great chat room

DK represents the densest aggregation of high quality financial information ever assembled in one place for the price.

I followed Brad Thomas and Adam Galas (dividend sensei) and Chuck Carnevale for many years on seeking Alpha before they formed Dividend Kings and became of subscriber when the service was first offered. I used UBS as my financial advisor from 2006 to 2016 before I had to fire them and strike out on my own. After 10 years with UBS my compound annual growth was only 2%. Yes you read that right 2% in the greatest bull market in history. While the instruments they had me invested in preserved capital during the 2008 financial crisis, there was virtually no growth whatsoever in my portfolio coming out of the financial crisis, 2009-2016. I felt that I should be able to do better on my own even if I just started picking stocks from a list of dividend kings and dividend aristocrats.Since I have left UBS and began investing on my own with the help of the Seeking Alpha marketplace subscription services of Dividend Kings and iREIT on Alpha (I subscribe to both) I am now achieving closer to 16% compound annual growth. My dividend income stream keeps increasing year-by-year and is compounding. My portfolio is now more diversified and safer than it’s ever been based on the high-quality of the companies recommended and the succinct and understandable detailed analysis provided on each company by Dividend Sensei and the whole team at Dividend Kings. Even in this bear market my portfolio has only dipped between 8 to 10% year to date compared to the much larger declines in the Dow, NASDAQ and S&P 500. This makes me sleep well at night. Following the prudent, math and financial science driven analysis and recommendations of Dividend Kings has made me a better investor, made me a lot of money and has paid for the subscription many many times over. Don’t hesitate. Subscribe. You won’t regret it.

The Dividend Kings Is Worth My Time

DK has a wealth of information for education and stock analysis. The investing approach emphasizes quality and safety. But really the secret sauce that makes DK special is the thriving community and the close participation of Dividend Sensei and team. DS is truly transparent and offers a mountain of quantitative information in research dashboards and copyable spreadsheets. I am very happy with the service and the DK family.

Thank you DK / DS and Team

Top notch research, in depth analysis and recommendations on not just stocks, but building the best portfolio for “your” risk tolerance, plus excellent customer service, and worth it’s weight in Gold, the 41 Part: Preparing for Recession, alone worth the price of the subscription. I personally appreciate all the time, energy and effort that DK/DS and his team does for all of us.


Good service for dividend growth investors

Dividend Kings is King of stock picking services

Excellent excellent service – extremely thorough and well researched tips – plan to be a member for many many more years to come

Quant for dummies

Quant investing for those who don’t possess the ability to decipher the deep analytics.

Best Bang For Your Buck!

Best bang for your buck without a doubt on seeking alpha. Dividend Kings provides a ton of information and support documents on their platform to best assist users on their own decisions. They don’t just recommend stocks for the sake of it; there is a ton of hard data with each decision and you arent forced to follow everything they say. Between the master list they constantly update and the correction / investment planning tools they provide are superb What are you waiting for!? sign up today, you won’t regret it!

A Great Resource

A great learning community with shared ideas that help all members wherever you are in the spectrum of managing your investments from novice to experienced. Tons of useful and relevant data that you can act on at your own pace.

Outstanding Advice based on a Solid Unwavering Approach

DK is more than just a stock picking service. Their approach covers the gamut of users portfolio needs i.e., Retirement and Growth, whether you are 30 or 60. Their lead analyst, Dividend Sensei, has a truly deep understanding of markets. He inspires you by providing solid research and translates that in a style that provides confidence in your own investing decisions.

All this for how much??

Are you kidding me? So many different tools available to evaluate stocks. Detailed analysis of stock recommendations. Lots of sample portfolios. Adam is a tireless worker. Besides everything he does at DK, he even takes part in the chat room on a regular basis. Did I mention that the chatroom is a great place to hear what others are thinking & doing in the market. Overall, I don’t see how you get a better bang for your buck than with Dividend Kings. I am on my second year and here to stay. I will never go back to a financial advisor. Thanks Adam and the team at Dividend Kings!!

Dividend Kings

Great Service. Helps quite a bit in finding and evaluating undervalued stocks.

awesome research

they give out great research and well thought out articles on stocks.

Very positive

Great tools, analysis and information in real time.

One of the best Services out there.

One of the best services on Seeking Alpha. The amount of data that is well presented alone is worth the price. What I really enjoy is the in depth articles and videos that truly show you how their philosophies work. This in return just lets you remain calm. I have been with DK for 3 years now and I invest with confidence. I’ve tried other services before, including the Motley Fool. This one beats it hands down for my investing style, and need for real time data

Service will make you a better investor!

I tried out several services on Seeking Alpha and I truly believe that Dividend Kings is by far the best if you want to develop your own skills, receive education and become a better investor. The service provides a lot of background information for their stock picks, historical stock market data and potential future projections. By education, I am an Engineer and therefore love all the analytical data points provided. Of course not every stock on the DK`s top 500 list will be right for everyone and there are higher risk/reward stocks also included. The service has several different analysts and the only confusing part in the past was, that they had sometimes a contrary vision on the same stock. They have overcome this problem by providing roundtables which makes the service even more valuable. No one can guarantee you success on the stock market but this service will give you the tools to enhance your chances to do so over time and to have the right data available when needed. DK’s ratings and fair value estimates are mostly in line with Morningstar which is reassuring. It is valuable for dividend investors but also growth investors. I would recommend everyone to give it a try! It is

Dividend Kings is a valued service for my investment style.

For me, the new Zen Research Terminal is worth the price of the service. As a retiree I am looking for top companies that are good values and have decent growth prospects. With ZRT I can easily generate a list of prospects for further review. DK has certainly evolved since startup and I look forward to future enhancements.

Great consistent info

Great consistent info from several authors. Analytics prove the investing thesis and demonstrates the safety of the prospects. Only complaint would be sometimes info overload but that is a good complaint.

Dividend Kings – a superb investment service

Signing up to Dividend Kings when it launched is without doubt the best financial investment I’ve ever made. As a retiree managing his own portfolio, the in depth market and company analyses, research tools and educational tutorials have been indispensable. The live chat group has also proved to be a wonderful resource. Over 3 years I have built a high quality portfolio that has significantly outperformed the S&P over that time and learned a huge amount in the process.

A wide-open gateway to the world of investment

The Dividend Kings are for me one of the best tools to effectively dive into the world of profitable investing. Highly qualified, but at the same time understandable articles by TDK authors help me extremely in deciding where to save my lifetime savings. I also highly appreciate the individual stock valuation tables. By subscribing to TDK, I have actually saved a lot of time in my private research and education, and I believe that this investment will pay off richly for me in the future.

Thank you!

The level of detail provided far exceeds the dollar amount paid, knowing I will have constant updates on the market and stocks keeps me sleeping well at night.

Massive amount of great information

Tireless updating by Dividend Sensi, He is online and working around 3AM and doing 15+ hour days getting massive amount of information to the users for us to fully understand his research and the companies fundamentals and why he rates them as he does. I have only been on the site a month, but the information I have been picking up between him and the rest of the staff too many to name but they give insights I never expected. I also have to say quite a few of the other members have such a wealth of knowledge that it complements the service more so, especially in the chat rooms. I feel between here and iReit, I have been buying stocks that will, with the dividends and growth will well offset the annual cost making it worth the investment. Should have done it sooner.

Outstanding sercice

Excellent and knowledgeable sercice

DK Review

By far the best service I have subscribed to of the several I have tried. The tools they provide are indispensable and the training and guidance are top notch as well.

The Dividend Kings

Dividend Kings is simply the best site for information on value and dividend investing, Absolutely great!!

Great tool

I like the thorough data analysis

Retirement Safety

I have been using Dividend Kings recommended stocks for the last 18 months. As I entered into retirement my goal was to have safety, steady income , and potential for long term appreciation. I feel their service helps in all of these areas. Thanks for the assist Dividend Kings.

Great site

A lot of great work provided on a daily basis. They stick with t he plan to a T.

Great Daily Investing Value

Your resources are a great daily value in my investing saga, THANK you and keep on going!!!

Wonderful service at a wonderful price

Excellent research, excellent service, well worth the money.

Mirroring my goals

I am at the point where I don’t need a lot more “wealth”, but I want to protect what I have. Market volatility and inflation are making this increasingly difficult. DK helps me navigate these waters without spin and hype. I feel that I am provided the tools to make informed decisions at a very low cost.

Dividend Kings: advice, knowledge and coaching!

I would consider myself an advanced novice in stock investments and the Dividend Kings subscription I made almost one year ago has advanced my investment knowledge base measurably. I also follow the Dividend Sensei and I particularly like and follow his protocols and analysis structure being followed on individual stocks to qualify them as a rating for investment quality. The other two DK’s also bring great knowledge to the table with their expertise in different investment venues and are an integral part of the DK’s. The DK’s subscription has been sooo worthwhile for me and my recommendation to try their service for strong arm help with your investment strategy in construction and maintenance of your investment portfolio(s)!

Top notch dividend and value ideas

I have been a member of Dividend Kings for over 3 years. I highly recommend it for any investor seeking growing dividends and investments in under valued high quality equities. I have made the money spent to be a member many times over.

Highly recommended if you are an active investor!

I’ve been using the DK service for about a year and I’m impressed (just renewed!). Like all finance decisions, you will need to personalize your investments to your own specific situation and do your due diligence. But DK gives me a great jump-start in focusing on the fundamentals and facts, and avoiding the all the FUD and noise in the markets. DK also has a very active community so that you can get help anytime. Other services that I have tried can barely scrounge up a few conversations a day, much less a quick answer to an urgent question. No matter how you invest, it helps a great deal to have a baseline of stocks and research that you can pull from. My main tools for investing include DK, Fast Graphs and Fidelity’s Active Trader Pro. Highly recommended!!

Great Service and great value.

Great service and great value. highly recommend

Value Investing starts here!

Dividend Kings has become my “go to” on line resource for equity investments. From my perspective, the ability to define fair value helps me make good investment decisions to buy or to sell. I’ve been around investments for a long time, and until last year when I subscribed to DK, I have never found a single source of so much information on so many stocks in one place. The DK Research Terminal is a priceless resource to find a detailed analysis of most any quality equity candidate you’re considering. The daily “hand holding” from dividend sensi or nick’s pix is an added bonus to keep your focus on real time opportunities. I highly recommend The Dividend Kings as the subscription price for the services DK provides offers much more than just a fair value for this investment decision making tool, and it will pay for itself many times over.

Never too Late

I wish I had known about Dividend Kings (DK) sooner. Using the service provided, carefully selected portfolio recommendations, as well as several of the toolsets, my personal portfolio has improved substantially. The Master List of 500 rigorously researched stocks, the automated toolsets for comparing one stock against another, and of course the great community of helpful, likeminded, friendly members are my favorite.

Reason based data driven analysis.

I have been using Dividend Kings over the last two years and it has helped me achieve a better than 20% return during that period. I find the tools very beneficial in identifying great entries to wonderful companies, I would recommend them to all interested in achieving great results in their investing journey.

Dividend Kings, a solid research team

I value the Dividend Kings subscription service because of solid research and an active discussion channel with a very supportive group (both moderators and members).

Great service

With the information and recommendations they provide, I feel confident to invest my money for my future.


I am an initial subscriber and have never looked back. I love the data driven research and the no-nonsense, straight-forward research that can be counted on. Love the easy to use tools they provide which allow me to make my own decisions and to beat the S&P. Dividend Kings is the very best!

The Best Dividend Investing Advice ANYWHERE

Dividend Kings is the best investing service I have used (not just on Seeking Alpha but ANYWHERE) and helps me to manage my investments across the entire dividend universe. I especially like the Research Terminal DK provides with the easy-to-follow ratings and quality scores for over 500+ companies. The content is absolutely top-notch with great deep dive pieces from Adam and the team. The chat room is always filled with great information from the DK team and members. Thanks for all you do!

Extremely Powerful Service!

If I had the opportunity to leave 10 stars – they would not be enough for me. This is a unique service, without which I would probably never have been able to start investing in dividend stocks. The whole team is made up of extremely competent people. I recommend it with both hands !!!

Getting rich slowly, but definitely getting rich

The team provide a high quality service that takes the guesswork out of investing with regular investment ideas and tools. I have never been more confident in getting rich slowly and I’m delighted to be a founding member.


My job is not in investing, but I am learning from DK every day. An invaluable tool and support.

Couldn’t Do This Without The Dividend Kings

What is it that I couldn’t do without them you ask? Continue to build an incredible portfolio of stocks that are compounding my income and confidence in the future at such a rapid rate. Sure, I could take all of this on myself and spend countless hours doing research / making educated guesses, but the amount of quality information / analysis / implementation ideas are far beyond what I have the ability and time to do myself. That, and also, the community at large is very engaged and interactive. There is a high level of sharing and support for each others success. Beyond the rapid evolution of my portfolio, being a member of the DK squad feels like I am part of a like minded family whose name is financial freedom & success. Will be a member for a very long time.

Great Info

The missing piece in my investing toolkit.

Joining Dividend Kings Was The Right Move For Me!

I don’t believe that I could be any more pleased with my Dividend Kings subscription. I joined in December 2019. Shortly thereafter I began rolling over some funds from my 401K. Then came Covid. I used the DK recommendations for most of my stock picks. The stock picks that I made from that time through the first quarter of 2022 as I methodically rolled over funds to a Vanguard rollover IRA were far better than choices that I would have made on my own. My wealth has increased significantly as a result. The quality of the service has continually improved since the time that I joined. I also recently joined iREIT on Alpha and The Intelligent REIT Investor. There have been a couple of other competitive services that I have tried out but none served me as well as DK and I cancelled. Additionally my Vanguard self directed accounts have performed better than another account that I have elsewhere that is professionally managed! Dude18

Well-proven Analytical Expertise

This is a very valuable service and has been key to my retirement portfolio success for the last several years. The methodologies for evaluating company quality, dividend safety, and projected long-term growth provide critical metrics that guide my investment choices. I highly recommend this service to anyone who wants to control their own financial future, but appreciates leveraging from a well-proven source of analytical expertise.

Specific recommendations with a broad understanding of the market to build a balanced portfolio to enhance returns.

DK strikes a good balance between actionable items, in depth analysis, and a broad market focus. Definitely not meant for the “tell me what to do investor” but for those who take a more thoughtful and engaged approach to investing. The tools provide extensive data points that allow me to refine selections to suit my own portfolio goals and objectives. Well worth the money if you want a “thinking person’s” service and not just a list of recommendations.

showing me the money, safely

I have been a subscriber for over two years. The information provided by the service has improved my returns on individual stocks and stock selection in my portfolio.

Changed my investment life

This team is dedicated to teaching you how to invest and be successful at it. If your goal is to learn how to invest and to exchange ideas with like minded investors, this is the service for you.

Simplicity on the far end of complexity

I wanted to give my family every shot at a comfortable retirement and knew I needed to put my money to work (sitting in savings wouldn’t do it) but as I researched “How to Invest” I was quickly overwhelmed, spun around, and frozen by fear and complexity. I began to dabble with dozens of different stock screeners… still confused; tapped my network of friends, still confused; I luckily found DK through a work associate. After more than a year of following along, using the tools, and most importantly, seeing the gains, I’m to a point now that I simply trust the recommendations, invest what I can, and Sleep Well At Night knowing my future is more secure than ever. Thank you DK.

Worth the cost

I have always been a buy-and-holder. I spent months reviewing stocks prior to buying them. I wondered whether Dividend Kings would be better than just letting things ride. I have been astonished at the thoroughness of your reviews. You have encouraged me to purchase companies I have been eyeing for years, and opened me views into things I had never previously considered. I have also sold things (gasp) when I realized there were better places to deploy my funds.

Happy Investor

Exceptional service. A must for every investor. Rich in content, learning and fun. Five stars because the service is valuable. Lots of useful tools. Definitely a financial game changer.

Well worth the investment

I’m very happy with my DK subscription. I like the team’s sensible approach to dividend growth investing, the in-depth analysis, the user-friendly tools and near real-time recommendations. It’s helped me make better decisions and made me a more confident investor. Thanks for your efforts so far… keep up the good work.

Terrific Results Without Fanfare

I joined DK a little less than 5 months ago and am very pleased with the resutls. I currently hold 8 positions in stocks recommended by you and my results range from a high of +49% to a low of -7% (49%, 44%, 16%, 15%, 6%, 4%, 1% and -7%). I appreciate the amount of data provided, which in some cases is overwhelming. But, I would rather have available too much rather than too little. I like that the information provided comes without unnecessary dialog. Continued success!

Reliable Steady Growth!

Above and beyond, I started using DK as a way to grow my pre-retirement assets. Now that my retirement day is looming ever closer I need to compliment you on the stable yet reliable growth I have received via the DK. Thanks a million times over.

New Subscriber – great service!

I am new to the DK service and have learned so much about individual investing, portfolio construction and rebalancing. I enjoy the detailed articles, targeted advice and introduction to all the DK authors/analyst/contributors and their tools. I have also purchased one other subscription offered by Cash Building Opportunity to learn about trading options. Made my first trade this week, thanks Nick!

the most reasonable science- and fact-based approach to investing

Hi Dividend Kings, today’s my last day of free trial. I am absolutely subscribing without a doubt. I found the tools, depth of research really impressive and I can most identify with the DK style of statistical reasoning of probabilities in investing. I have been following several authors through the years on SA but DK showed the most reasonable science- and fact-based approach, hence I’m subscribing. Thanks, David

Excellent Guidance

As a member for about 2 years now, I must credit the Dividend Kings with giving me the guidance that has enabled me to build a resilient and strong portfolio. The daily updates, expanded articles and chat allow me to keep the portfolio current without an undue amount of churn. The Kings give me the confidence to navigate the perils of the markets and, as they say, sleep well at night.

Out standing investing resource!

Very organized and detailed in teaching excellent long term stock investing skills. Especially when the market is dropping (buy when the price is being suppressed by negative emotions) The DK terminal in invaluable in researching where I will invest available cash in low risk, high quality, value oriented stocks. They also do a great job of teach portfolio development and the importance of rebalancing. The blog is also very interesting to log into during the day and catch up on what is occurring in the market. Please keep up the excellent work. Thank You

Great tools

Awesome tools to guide my retirement investment decisions.

Hard working

This team puts in a lot of work and provide a lot info for you to make a good decision.

Love this service. The DK team will provide you with great stock recommendations and the psychology to be a successful investor. I have been a member for one year and I am very impressed. I love watching my account rise while the S and P, DOW and Nasdaq fall.

The Best

Dividend Kings Service Is The Best !!!

Having used the service since inception I have undoubtedly made stock purchases at better valuations. My dividend income is always growing and I am beyond satisfied with the analytical detail put into all of the research provided. Tools are all easy to use and the tutorials make it simple for all levels of investors. I recommend it to anyone that wants to take charge of their investments!! One Great Service!!!

Absolutely love the service

Sign up and be ready to be overwhelmed with information. Real time chat is very active to daily items. The tools and explanation of methodology available through the service is beyond compare. I should have signed up sooner. Well worth the cost.

Best Investment Ever

Best Investment Ever. I have been a paid member for over 3 years now. DK literally gave me the confidence to “fire” my long time advisor a few months after joining. I start every day by reading DK articles and the chat room. The ideas and suggestions from the chat room add another layer of confidence. Adam might be the hardest working analyst out there and with a very high record of success. Which equates to SWAN euphoria.

Top Fundamental Analysis & Recommendations for Income Stocks

Some of the best fundamental analysis available for an income investor. The subscription pays for itself. Cliff Wachtel, SA Author

A valuable resource

Dividend Kings is my go to resource for creating my buy lists for dividend stocks.

One of the best services on Seeking Alpha

I’ve been a member of various services on SA, some just for the free trial, others for a few months or even a year. The Dividend Kings is the clear winner for me amongst all these services. They have a constant stream of new ideas to consider, extreme levels of research, good videos, and a very active chat room. The contributors have real money portfolios and share their buys on a daily basis (as do many of the members), and it’s great to see what others are doing and why. The amount of information can be overwhelming, but there are many different ways to use the service. There is also wide variety in the membership, from younger people just starting with investing, to older folks nearing retirement or enjoying their retirement. The different needs and approaches of the members is a huge contribution to the discussion, and there’s rarely a day that goes by when I don’t find something useful in the chat. I intend to stay a member for a very long time.

The Best

Constantly evolving analytics enables great insight.

Great Service!!!

I was hesitant to join, but the 2 week trial was very helpful. Thanks to all the contributors to DK. Love the content and investing resources it provides.

Must-Have Investment Service

Like many others, I really would be second-guessing a lot of my decisions without DK. This platform not only provides a plethora of investment ideas and justifications, but the community in this group is incredible with similar like-minded individuals that want nothing more than the collective success of all other subscribers. I don’t think I will ever cancel my subscription, and I am so grateful I have joined from the onset.

Hard to say more than what’s already being said here…

I’m a jaded 20+ year investor/trader of my own accounts. I came across The Dividend Kings via a couple of longer form articles they published here at SA, and was generally impressed enough to take a peek at their paid service. From what I saw, I took a trial – and I must say first off that the approach at DK is far removed from that I have taken for so many years. My eyes were opened to an extent by a wholly different way of looking at the value of stocks, and the construction of portfolios particularly. Being a generally technical trader, I appreciate the added confidence that the DK provide when reviewing several of the stocks I hold and trade. The Chat is the best I’ve seen, and the material focused and to the point. The tools they have will probably blow your mind, and to these they are touting the imminent launch of a “DK Pro”, so that’s certainly something I’m keen to look at, as it will be provided free for life to existing members. Don’t ignore the 5-Star reviews – I read just about all of them while doing DD, and they’re not hyperbole.

Do the free trial – You won’t cancel…ever

Totally worth it if you manage your own investments to any meaningful degree. The community alone is worth having just to talk investing with friends. The materials offered by Dividend Kings improve and grow little by little week by week, month by month, and year over year. I am very happy with the level of detail they offer and the suggestions they make each week.

Great Subscription-Service

I have less than 1 year DK Subscription. Great source of dependable data for dividend growth investment and growth investment. Has helped me to get my portfolio in place; I am in the green but feel the near fuure (1 to 2 years) will be greener, following DK suggestion of buying great stocks within the margin of safety. At the beggining I got lost because there is too much information, but with time I learn what are the key indicators. Chat members are of great help; they offer different but complementary views of companies. Recommended

Not sure what I’d do without The Dividend Kings

I feel this service is an absolute must for do it yourself investors who don’t want to pay the 1% annual fee many managers charge to apply their firm’s tired investment algorithm to your retirement portfolio. Trying to compile all of the information provided here on your own would be time consuming, expensive and most likely not as timely as DK provides. If you even knew what to research. I talk to other friends I know about particular stocks, and they really have no idea as to the intrinsic value of their newest favorite stock. They talk about it like its their favorite nag at the track – so they are throwing darts. At least with DK, you can be more informed so at least you know you are throwing in the general direction of the board. And this is just the Valuation Tool! I also find value in the community. There are a plethora of knowledgeable investors available via chat. While I don’t always agree with some of the comments, diversity of opinion is key to good decision making, rather than trying to invest in an echo chamber of your own ideas. In addition, the library of investment teachings are key – I am a finance major and worked in interest rate futures for many years, so my background on investing and markets is more extensive than most. Nevertheless, I still find significant value in the research because its very easy to lose site of sound investing principles when you are trying to decide how to construct your portfolio, and particularly when you are picking individual stocks. DK is always striving to improve their offering and adds and updates tools all of the time. When considering the size of your investment portfolio and potential future returns, I think its difficult not to conclude that a resource like DK is essential to your foundational knowledge and not having it is like driving a car at 80 MPH blindfolded and hoping nothing bad will happen. Rejecting such a resource is penny wise and many dollars foolish. Good luck in your investing journey.

Great investment service

I have been a member for 3 year now and will with out question recommend The Dividend Kings to anyone that wants the best recommendations for your stock portfolio. I have had mostly big winners with just a few losers with were recommended as sells when their thesis broke. Dividend income has grown by 80%. No more guess work, let the Dividend Kings do the work.

Hands down the best investment decision I have made!

Subscribing to Dividend Kings is a no brainer! The best decision I have made for family’s future. I was investing in companies without having an adequate knowledge of risk and fair value. I was buying and selling on whim or feeling without a significant plan. The service allows you to use their extensive research in an intelligent and informed way. They have helped me plan purchases when individual stocks are clearly undervalued and sell or stop buying when overvalued. I do not look at the market as much as I look at particular stocks and circumstances, it just makes more sense with their insight. I thank Dividend Kings for their investment ideas, top buys, and ongoing reviews… I have been a member for two years and now find it in invaluable. If I had invested this way 10 years ago I would be in a different place but thanks to them I will definitely get there!

Top Drawer “Financial Science” Investment Service

Long time Dividend Kings subscriber. This is an absolutely “Best in Breed” investment service. Just a few of the truly first class features are: 1) Exceptionally high quality, data-driven DK analysts, motivated, driven, and dedicated to the DK members by being readily available. Each also has “skin-in-the-game” with his own money in the companies being researched and presented. 2) An extraordinary group of DK members who actively engage and discuss ideas, trades, and research and provide excellent pertinent “outside information” on a nearly hourly basis. The group is collegial and quick to provide valuable information that’s actionable and can be highly profitable. 3) An amazing set of “Financial Science” investment research tools, constantly being upgraded and improved.

Great value

Great service with very useful and valuable tools!

Money Well Spent!

The Divided Kings is a great service! The team is very knowledgeable, informative, and active daily in the chat. The community is very helpful too! Money well spent!

Top notch!

Very valuable service by the (in my opinion) top analysts AT Seeking Alpha.

Highly recommend!! I am a subscriber for life!!

As a recent retiree I realized that I needed a higher yield than I was getting but having minimal investing experience I wasn’t confident in my ability. Dividend Kings has helped me so much by giving me the confidence and tools I need to manage my own portfolio and create a very safe and growing dividend stream. My annual dividend income is now covering all my expenses (and more) courtesy of some very high quality stocks that were purchased well below fair value. And I am happy to say that during the recent correction my portfolio has been in the green due to Adam’s guidance and recommendations. Not only is Dividend Sensei a financial genius (in my opinion) but he is just a good person who really cares and wants everyone to succeed. He regularly asks members how to improve the service, and he listens and makes changes. And as an added bonus the DK chat room has a great camaraderie between members who share lots of valuable information. Plus everyone will post their buys and sells for the day which really helps less experienced investors like myself to see what the more knowledgeable investors are doing. I am so very grateful to Adam and the whole DK team. I will be a lifelong subscriber to their service. I highly recommend them to all retirees (and the young folks too)

Dividend Kings review

Excellent wealth of information. Up to date. Love the daily messages from DS. Gillnose

Exactly the investment analysis I was looking for to start building my dividend portfolio

I was looking for inspiration on dividend investing for some time. I checked a few different alternatives and The Dividend Kings proved to be by far the most complete, detailed and trustworthy source I managed to come across. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a similar source of inspiration.

Amazing Work Ethics and Amazing Results

There is simply no service on Seeking Alpha that is better than Dividend Kings. You get your choice from approximately 500 high quality tickers, with detailed fundamental analysis on each, from a wide array of sectors and industries. Daily, you are presented with a mountain of valuable, actionable information and ongoing investor education should you choose to consume all that DK has to offer. Time constrained? No problem. Also included is an immensely valuable set of tools, specifically designed to save you time and effort. I will admit that I may be a slightly biased here, seeing as I built one of those tools. However, I suppose it is my way of giving back to the group that I value so highly. Trust me, I got the better end of the deal. Like what you see, but think the research, functionality, and/or presentation can be improved upon? Again, no problem. DK regularly seeks out feedback and incorporates user suggestions, many times rather quickly. I cannot think of another service that takes so much pride in incorporating new functionality and tools, specifically tailoring their efforts toward customer recommendations. All of this, of course, would be fluff if Dividend Kings did not deliver positive results. DK’s investment returns are quite impressive, and regularly beat market benchmarks with significantly reduced risk. Better still, the authors and sizable community that has been built here will cheerfully guide you along the way as you learn and achieve these results in your portfolio.

Great service, worth the money

I am a DK subscriber for over 2 years now. The available tools are extremely helpful finding the best stocks for my needs. There is also a very active community in the chatroom. For me this is the most valuable SA subscribtion I have made so far.

Must have service.

Great set of tools and insights to ease market fears or overreactions by the media. Chat board is equally important to help expand on use of the tools.

Excellent Service and Value to me

This service has paid for itself since day one! I continue to expand and refine my knowledge of investing in stocks based on the well thought out content I receive on daily basis from Dividend Kings. If you are serious about investing, or simply want to learn more about the highest valued stocks on the market, this is the place to go.

Excellent value for the money

This service provides a great deal of useful information. The quality ratings are the most sophisticated and comprehensive I’ve ever seen. Also provided, among many other things, are consensus growth estimates from analysts, and valuation estimates based upon historical metrics. This is a very valuable service.

Great site, my go to for investment advice

I’ve been a subscriber to a number of sites over my years as an investor and think this one is the best. I’ve just retired but have subscribed for a year and the advice has been invaluable for helping me adjust my portfolio from growth to dividends. I think all the contributors to this site are excellent and it’s relationship with iReit is a true value add. The chat site is as good as any I follow because the contributors genuinely want to learn from each other and are very smart investors. The tools they provide are fabulous but understand that you have to commit to learning how to use them. I look forward to a successful retirement because of what DK offers.

Great service!!! Constantly improving tools and adding new services!

Great service! Constantly providing new research. Portfolio tools and trackers for you to use. Always improving tools and methods. Great and frequent communication to members. Lots of chat room activity – questions answered – information provided!!

Worth the money

Well worth the money. Having invested over 40+ years and dabbled in many strategies, at this stage of retirement look for solid growing companies at a buy price that offers a margin of safety. DK provides a ton of investing ideas to consider along with important evaluation parameters. I have been using DK along with other services for over two years and very happy with the results.

Investment Gold

I am a charter member of The Dividend Kings Service. My money has been well spent with this service. I have been able to save valuable personal time by scanning the Good Buy list and making buying decisions in a relatively short period of time. I am confident by investment decisions will be rewarded. I plan to be a life time member of The Dividend Kings.

Daily valuable investing advice and information

I get communication every day (usually several times/day) regarding general market advice/commentary, and updates regarding stocks in the active following/recommended lists. Transparency of personal daily trades in the Kings leadership group is very much appreciated. The general market insight and philosophy is routinely stressed as well as how the recommended stocks fit in the overall investing strategy.

Best Service For The Money

Very thorough and spot on research. Well worth the money. Highly recommend.

Hard to Beat…

This is closest to what I have been looking for, with really important features on the near horizon. Excellent data tools (needs some manipulation), fantastic support, the most in depth analysis. No dismissive attitude despite the extremely wide range of investment aptitude among the members. This is fast becoming my center for final analysis. I use other services and tools but always find myself coming back to DK in the end when I am ready to pull the trigger. Thank your DS and Team for an excellent platform.

One-stop place for all your value investment needs

Simply spectacular! Plenty of high quality content, very responsive and easily reachable authors and constantly improved tools. All of it just makes DK one-stop place for all your value oriented investment needs

DK is worth the money

I recommended DK as place where you can find a lot of good quality content.

Amazing value for your dollar!

Comprehensive, data-driven and researched-backed approach to stock analysis and ranking. Real portfolios to follow for those who prefer specific advice. Data spreadsheets are downloadable for those who love to dig in to the details and roll their own. Includes answers to the “whens,” “whats,” and “whys” of investing. I personally use Dividend Kings and iREIT for 100% of my investable assets. Couldn’t be happier. Amazing value for your dollar!

Great Service

Very complete service with several great tools and a very active chat/community. Many great articles and a good collection of articles/videos to get you started.

Best in Class

Excellent guidance for my retirment portfolio. Daily and instant access to all charts, spreadsheets and analysis for the last 2+ years. Always improving and adding new features. Well worth the cost.

DK- A Great Investment

DK, is money well spent. The advice has proven it’s self time and again. I am confident that the new tools will continue to prove themselves well worth the annual subscription in investment returns. Thanks for the growing resources.

Great service!

Great service. Lots of good tips. Great info about stocks. Special tools to make decisions to buy and sell.

Can you afford not to invest in your future?

The DK team are in my view the team I wish I had come across when I first started investing. The knowledge, research, and education you get from this group is amazing on Dividend Investing. Not to mention the community itself being one of the most welcoming groups you will find who help everyone out with new ideas, questions and research themselves. I couldn’t recommend this service enough I have been with it since just before the 2020 crash and will be renewing again this year in 2022, It is hands down one of the best investments I have made and I believe you can make for yourself whether you are just starting out or an experienced hand – I don’t see myself going anywhere else

Great Service

The Dividend Kings provide such an incredible service, worth every penny! I’ve learned so much from them from finding high quality companies to how to properly manage a portfolio!

Divided Kings your the Best

2 year member, service has continued to evolve . This evolution continues to improve an already outstanding service. Strong chat full of good questions and contributions from members and leaders. Great community. This service is a outstanding value.

Excellent service

thank you dividend kings for the great services to invest wisely to us subscribers. Tones of value !


I am a long time investor, and have subscribed to many services, but none come even close to what dividend sensei and his colleagues provide on a daily basis. Core foundation of their work is the share price and risk analysis that dividend sensei performs, I have never seen such a well balanced model approach before, and think that many investment banks would love to implement this approach. The fair value pricing gives a clear steer for any investor to act upon, or piece together watchlists and it is timely updated as well for changing circumstances. The disciplined way they run their portfolio’s as well with daily buying, rebalancing etc again is the way we should all run our portfolio’s. Time and time positions get added in downturns, very disciplined, whereas individual investors would probably not act, or even panic and sell …… now i have only been a member for 2 years so the market has been kind to us, however again the fair value modelling gives a great confidence that you are buying stocks that should withstand a proper downturn, and as adam shows in those times buying great quality stocks is a recipe for long term superior returns. There is also different views/valuations inside the team, which i also find very useful to see various angles of a company and risk approach …….. this doesnt lead to inertia as their are plenty of qality stocks even in this overvalued market that they all agree on are great buys. Unfortunately I still have a daytime job, so can’t always keep up with the amount of quality analysis they produce, but as retirement approaches i can see that in future i would hope to spend a lot more time reviewing their work and acting upon it. One minor thing is that the model/analysi is very us focused but they now have even added a european stock picker which broadens the view ……. although his analysis approach is far less scientifically underwritten then what dividend sensei provides. All and all an excellent service!!1

DK Made Me a Confident Investor

I was not a good investor prior to joining DK. I was rudderless. I had difficulty calculating and understanding fair value hence, I made poor investment decisions. I lacked confidence and discipline and used inadequate criteria and methods. I corrected all these deficiencies over time with DK. Additionally, the research available thru DK is unparalleled, exhaustive, timely, and utterly irreplaceable for me. DK does the time intense, hard work of gathering and compiling quality data. What I do is analyze the data to make wise investment decisions. My portfolio is now custom tailored to my goals, something advisors would not do for me. I am now slowly moving money from my advisor accounts to my own managed accounts. At last, financial freedom and prosperity for me! I am confident, disciplined and I sleep very well at night. So thankful for the Dividend Kings team and service.

Worth it!

Your service has been very helpful to me and I’m very satisfied. Thank you!

Highest Quality Service for Dividend Investors

I have subscribed to several other services in the past, but none of them even come close to the quality, variety and amount of content that Dividend Kings provides. I have been a member for several months, and I am still finding new tools and lists to study. The authors seem to work unreasonably hard at not only delivering quality articles and recommendations on a daily basis, but at improving the tools and the quality of the information they provide. The chat community is active and very helpful, and we are getting high quality information and discussion, interacting with each other and The Dividend Kings authors. If you are interested in purchasing higher quality dividend companies, with up to date info on the best entry points and the safety of each one, this is a great place for you.

DK works for me

I have recently renewed my subscription without hesitation. The information presented here greatly has enhanced my selections, currently resulting in positive gains YTD, while indexes over the same period are negative.

5 stars without a doubt…

I would recommend it to anyone who wants to build wealth and income. It is extremely helpful in making good decisions and avoiding bad ones. Over time I believe this will make a huge difference for your wealth/income.

Great service

Great service, people are very knowledgeable and eager to discuss. Very well spent money

Better to have it late than never

Dividend Kings has provided me with many tools, information on how to use the tools, and even answers to personal investment questions both from the principals and the members chat. I wish it had existed years ago! I have recommended it to family and friends.

I stand in Awe!

I stand in awe today that my self directed brokerage and roll over IRA accounts are up 3.18% YTD and 16% for the last twelve months. This as I look at all of the index’s are down for the year with most in double digits. Man if only I could direct my 401K with more than picking which mutual fund has the best chance. Thank you dividend.sensei and DK team. Best investment I ever made was my subscription to Dividend Kings.

Worth The Price

I was introduced to DKs a few months ago. Very thorough and efficient. I would recommend.

Come Join the DK community

Value and blue chip investing on steroids, daily/timely updates on market and recommendation. 100% recommend.

Most comprehensive tools and analysis to manage your portfolio

Dividend Kings is a unique investing resource platform because it provides a strong combination of quantitative analysis with well researched reports and articles outlining the investment thesis behind key companies. I also love the daily updates that the team provides, they are helpful in guiding my investment decisions.

Investing with Confidence and The Support of Knowledgeable Community

I have been a subscriber since November 2019, it has been the best decision as part of DIY investment subscription service. You get significant insight research and how to invest with safety and quality tools. The community is very knowledgeable and supportive. The tools have so many valuation parameters that sometime can put you in analysis paralysis mode but the most, I am impressed with, is the relentless effort of the DK team working days and nights to guide the investors making the right decision to their own age group and investment style. Come join this community and you will never regret.

The Dividend Kings-Excellent Resource for Investing

I have been with The Dividend Kings service since it started. It provides a wealth of information that gives you the tools and confidence to invest with a plan. It is an excellent service that continues to improve every year.

DK is a simple or complex as you wish.

The DK service is comprehensive. It allows me to review companies in detail or simple fashion. The communication from DK is ever present with updated data and investment suggestions. Some non-dividend paying companies are referenced on occasion to blend with dividend companies for a reasonable yield and potential growth.

sleeping well at night thanks to Dividend Kings!

I have availed of the DK service for the last 2 years. I am recently retired and dependent on generating my pension from my investments, I really like the various portfolios and while I do not slavishly follow all the advice every time, overall it has been a super support to me. If I have a criticism and thats a big if! its that the daily videos are very repetitive in terms of the standard information, having watched a hundred updates or more at this stage..I get it, the valuation process etc. However I also understand the need to provide this info for new subscribers (its just a small issue) Overall I am very happy with the service, the information is timely and gives me a lot of practical information in one place to make my investment decisions. Thank you

Well worth the investment

Been a subscriber since July 2020 and refer to its tools religiously to opportunistically buy (and sell) based on sound fundamentals that will help me sleep well at night as I get closer to retirement. Finding that right balance of value and growth is key. I appreciate how thorough the material is presented.

Dividend Kings Review

Great service. Tons of useful information on building a bulletproof portfolio both in anticipation of and during retirement. Relevant, well researched reviews and recommendations. Highly recommended.

DK – The Road To A Safe and Happy Retirement!

I’ve tried out a lot of different services over the years, and I would rate this one the best. I feel like I am taking control of my portfolio. There is a ton of advice by various authors who are all very informative. I have increased my dividends from about $2,000 for the year 2021 to $60,000 just in the last three months. The chatroom is amazing and the support from DK is phenomenal.

Valuable service for a reasonable price

Great service for those seeking out high quality companies at good valuations. The tools help sort through all the highest quality names and pick which ones are best for me at any given moment. The articles are thorough and detailed. I enjoy the videos as well. It is evident Dividend Sensei and team put in a lot of time and effort producing great content, improving the tools, and responding to questions and concerns. High quality service for a reasonable price. I highly recommend the Dividend Kings subscription.

This is the best subscription

I love the community, love the spirit, and love Adam. This is the best subscription I’ve found, and I’ve been trying about 10 others. Needless to say, I am cancelling the rest, and will stay with The Dividend Kings for a very long time. There are enough discussions, coverages, and wisdom here to cover a wide spectrum of investment interests.

With the Dividend Kings from Day One

I’ve been with Dividend Kings from the beginning. They’ve made me money and made me a better investor.

Invaluable Service

I am retired and have limited experience with investment services. I was a member of the Motley Fool site for a year but not much else. Decided to take a flier with the Dividend Kings and it is a great fit. Incredible amount of factual information and all of the moderators are very candid about the investments they make in their personal accounts. The site has alerted me to many opportunities and they respond quickly to any questions. Couldn’t ask for anything more. It’s a winner!!

Great Tool for the “do it yourselfer”.

I’m a investing professional as well as a subscriber. This tool is well worth the money from the aspect of the stock recommendations as well as the analysis and the reasoning behind the recommendations. There is never a shortage of information.

The Dividend Kings

I started to use DK during the pandemic, after decades of investing on my own. DK introduced me to a whole new world of looking at investments, particularly dividend investments. Distilled down to its essence, DK inspire the confidence that one needs to make the critical decision to buy, to sell and to hold in a world of confusing voices and opinions. I am a grateful subscriber.

Happy wife

Shortly after leaving another financial planner and their high commision, I found DK. My wife was hesitant about me running our retirement portfolios. The last few years have been amazing with DK. To top it off, we went to see another financial planner for my wife to feel better and he said we had the best portfolio he had ever seen by a non-professional. Thanks Nick and group!

Great value.

Excellent tool to keep me focused on valuations and discipline.

Great Investing Resource

I have subscribed to a number of Seeking Alpha resources and Dividend Kings has the most extensive research and tools for anyone to build a portfolio that they can be comfortable and sleep well at night investing in. I would recommend DK for anyone looking to build their own portfolio or would just like to invest along with one of the number of the portfolios already constructed.


Great resource. Very in-depth analysis and dialogue. When the investment thesis changes on a position, there is a very quick update so you can make decisions quickly. A ton of data at your fingertips and constantly trying to update the interface to make it better. Cannot wait to see what it will look like in the coming years.

!! Truly Outstanding !!

I have subscribed to a handful of services on Seeking Alpha. By far and away, no other subscription has been as valuable and worthwhile to me as Dividend Kings. And I am talking about by a large margin. HIGHLY recommend.

Happy with Dividend Kings

I have spent years searching for services that provide reliable investment information and advice without costing an arm and a leg. I gave Dividend Kings a try when they first announced their service and I have been very happy and feel like I have found my investment home. They provide different advice based on your stage of life and although they still have some growing pains, the DK community is very supportive and helps to find occasional accuracy issues. The database of stocks that are covered is a gold mine of information. I use it all the time to help make investment decisions.

A Great Service

Got started investing in stocks late in life, using mostly mutual funds because of time constraints while working. It always seemed I would have to devote too much time to individual stock research. Wish I had know about this service much earlier as it greatly simpiifies stock selection and portfolio construction. There is a vast amount of information available so that anyone can analyze the stock selection as deeply as desired. From simply using their daily and other users recommendations to spending hours analyzing, it is your choice. A truly great service.

Glad to be here!

Great service. The amount of information available to subscribers is extensive and updated continuously. The community has a good chat room available for members to use where one can find several different viewpoints. I’ve been a member for over three years now and feel I have become a better investor since joining.

Great Service Great Value

I am a very satisfied customer. I have subscribed to other financial services and The Dividend Kings is by far the best that I have come across. The data and value based focus provides a sensible and reasonable approach to stock picking. Thank you to the DK team.

I want to thank the folks at DK. They have helped me become a better investor by teaching me how to analyze companies and make buy/sell decisions based on the data instead of emotion. I have become more thoughtful, sure, and steady in my approach. Thank you DK!

Changed my investing

A Cornucopia of Investment Advice, Information, and Support

Dividend Kings provides both the data on investments, always available with a few clicks, and the DK reasoning on that data. This makes the service invaluable. Saves huge amount of time for the investor, and gives him a rational pathway to investment success.

Wonderful community

I have followed Adam Galas since the launch of Dividend Kings. The addition of Nick Ward, Brad Thomas, and Sebastian Wolf (Chuck Carnevale you are missed) have provided actionable balance and international exposure. Our best investments are our children, and I have gifted my new professionals with subscriptions to Dividend Kings. Lots to learn here, and a wonderful, supportive community of investors with diverse experiences.

Sleep Well At Night

DK uses a rigid and in-depth scale to measure quality and safety. It insures you have a long term look at the company and it’s fundaments. This tool alone is. O important to future returns. The information they provide is outstanding and overall it’s helped me become a better investor and a more knowledgeable person. I can’t thank the team enough.

Excellent service for stock dividend information

Clearly, one of the best, comprehensive stock services I have been a member of. The site offers a ton of information to be used to analyze and build your own portfolio. The chat participation is extremely helpful as well as members are very gracious to questions/issues raised. I have been a member from the beginning and the amount of information keeps growing. The founders are very responsive to member inquiries and the site is updated constantly.

A really hard working team with consistent development of the product.

I’ve been a member for around a year. I am really impressed by the methodological process. The resources are updated in real time with rankings moving with data evolution and ‘plans’ for purchases (or sales) at various prices. A really hard working team with consistent development of the product.

Two Plus Years Satisfied Customer

In depth data driven service that doesn’t let emotion affect their process. Lots of valuable information that covers a wide range of investment options. They should probably be called Investment Kings because they cover a great deal more than just dividend stocks. What I like most is they are willing to change their recommendations when the facts change instead of sticking to them and defending a stock they had previously recommended.

Absolutely worth the money!!

I have been with this service for last couple of years. They have changed my perspective of stock investment. Highly recommended.


After being a member for more than two and a half years the DK team continues to provide invaluable information to the community. The best service I have found anywhere. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and making us all better investors.

The best investment subscription service I have ever had in 30 years of investing.

The dedicated team at DK work tirelessly to provide us with extensive up to date investing information. I joined from near the beginning and I have easily recouped the annual subscription cost each year through excellent ideas suggested by DK. The service evolves with it’s members to make sure the tools we value the most are improved continually. Also the member community are very diverse and helpful. I could not recommend this service more.

Dividend Kings – don’t quarterback your own investments without the DK playbook

I have subscribed to a number of newsletters and stock advisory sites over the years. In addition I have put assets under management with a number of Canada’s largest leading wealth managers. Also one that specializes in large Home Office accounts. Without any hesitation I can testify the best investing advice I have ever received is from Dividend Kings. They have increased my investing knowledge immensely but more importantly my confidence to make large investment decisions at the right time. Moreover when the markets turn and some investments look like mistakes they are able to provide the logic and clear thinking to stay the course and hold steady through the rough times and ultimately come out far ahead. I am an accredited investor and self manage my TFSA, RRSP, LIRA and Corporate trading account. The 85 percent of passive investments I am currently managing are far outperforming the professionally managed funds I have with other institutions at a fraction of the cost. Adam, Justin and Nicholas spend an inordinate amount of their time answering questions, frequently communicating the trades they are making through the day and why. It is an enormous time commitment that speaks not just to their passion of investing, but their commitment to the community of subscribers they have built. It is also a reflection of their character and desire to help others achieve their financial goals. The team operates with confident expertise, approachability and humility. On top of that they have built a community of like minded people that share in that passion and are equally helpful. When managing a large portfolio you cannot see every move for every stock but I am able to rely on my fellow subscribers to let me know what they are seeing, whether it’s an opportunistic buy, an introduction to a stock that wasn’t in my radar or the time to trim some profits. Their model portfolios have something for everyone and all three are very transparent and open with that they are doing with their personal money. My only regret is not finding Dividend Kings sooner. That has cost me a lot in opportunity cost. I can only see the service get better as the subscriber base grows. I seldom write reviews but took the time today because I feel genuinely indebted for the outsized value I have received as a subscriber. If they were a public company I would buy the stock.

Great value add membership

Adding a Dividend kings subscription gives you great added value to review your portfolio, the volume of analysis, insight and actionable intelligence is huge. Their daily videos, recommendations and member chat allows its users to better understand entry points, exit points, and how to invest optimally for their situation. I’m very pleased that I’ve joined, and within a month, I’ve recouped the cost of membership

A Marketplace Service Second to None

I have taken advantage of trial period for a ton of the services available on the SA Marketplace. I feel that DK is the best that I’ve seen and look forward to continuing my membership for quite some time going forward. DK has a number of key things they offer to bring significant value to their service. Deep analysis from a stable of great analysts, a wealth of information they make available to members, and second-to-none chat room where a ton of ideas are discussed among the DK team and the members. I have seen in very few of the other SA Marketplace services the level of collaboration that I see in DK’s chatroom. All of this together makes the cost of DK a pittance when compared to the value I believe this service offers.


DK is comprehensive and timely. Covers many different dividend stocks and strategies

Great service, but sometimes to much of the same

I really like this service with many articles to read and learn and really love the Masterlist for a fast check on Stocks that come to my mind! But i also dont like the really long articles, filled with repeating informations, where one has to filter trough everything to get to the relevant information.

Great service

I love this service. I am good at math but know little about finance. My subscription has helped me learn about the market while returning a better than average return on investments that I feel very safe about. I love the conversations in the chat – they are respectful and bring together people from different ages, stages of life, and portfolio sizes. I love how measured analyses are and how the producers of content admit mistakes, are up front about their approach, and explain how they make choices and when they change their minds.

I cannot imagine being an investor without access to this service

Dividend Kings has saved me a lot of money in the last few months, helping me avoid speculative growth bubbles. And they have made me a lot of money, emphasizing where there was still value. Don’t let me mislead in anyway, the service is all about growth and tech stocks as well as value and dividends, but it has to be growth at the right price, and the right quality. A wide group of seasoned investors bring different angles to the table, but always emphasizing good planning, calm reaction to market volatility, and – above all – patience. I cannot imagine investing anymore without this service.

The Best on the Job – Rightly So.

I have been a DK member for several years now and have just renewed my subscription. And why? 1. The DK service is constantly evolving. The team works tirelessly to provide a unique service, i.e. a service that can be used by professional investors and first-time investors alike and on their own, that helps and guides in creating portfolios for every need and goal and whether your time horizon is ten years or fifty, that includes a database for educational purposes, etc. It is stunning to see how quickly DK is developing and expanding their useful and easy to use tools, such as the automated decision tool or various lists that provide quick overviews, metrics, etc. for each goal. 2. Adam Galas may be the face of DK, but the entire team is second to none. It consists of highly motivated and highly educated professionals who explain and advocate their own opinions on various companies, financial products, etc. in an understandable way so one never falls into blind hype. The DK team excels in being available and helping wherever they can (e.g. explaining technical aspects of DK services, explaining various metrics, the results and reasons for fair value estimates, etc.) in a kind and helpful manner, despite their seemingly constant 12- to 16-hour shifts. 3. Which brings me to the outstanding DK member community, which always acts friendly and helpful, provides ideas, information and insights. In summary, the DK service as a whole – its team, its tools and its databases as well as the community – is not good like other services, but second to none.

A Quality Investing Approach and a Multiplicity of Useful Tools

Adam Galas and his band of merry men are to be congratulated on creating a world class service. Everything it offers is designed with the end user in mind. Adam has a well thought out and stress tested approach to investing that he and his team apply with admirable consistency. In fact, once you understand his investment philosophy you can almost predict where he will come down on a buy, hold, or sell. In addition to his nose for value, quality, and dividend safety, Adam has a kind of genius for developing investing tools that truly benefit his subscribers. When I first subscribed, I was like a kid in a candy store trying to decide which tool to master next. These tools range from the multidimensional analyses of his top buy and master lists, to model portfolios suited to every conceivable type of investor, to portfolio construction tools and tools for analyzing the safety and quality of individual stocks. I have been around a lot of the services SA offers and I feel confident in saying that these tools represent a unique store of intellectual capital that is unrivaled in that universe. I should add that Adam is very responsive to direct messaging from subscribers and his responses to queries are always thoughtful and helpful. Lastly, I would add that the man has an almost unbelievable work ethic. Given all the buy, sell, hold updates he produces daily plus the continuous improvement and updating of the tools, one really wonders if ever sleeps! Dividend Kings is everything an investing service ought to be to help you make money- and more. Very highly recommended!

With gratitude

I started from a zero balance in a new acct in January 2020. Just hit 70k of profit plus 1200/month in dividends while deploying my savings. Words can not express my gratitude. thank you so much for what you are doing, not only providing selections but also teaching. This is doing more good than you know.

Wonderful Site. Makes You A Knowledgeable Investor, Not Just A Trader.

Thoughtful, well written articles help an investor navigate difficult times. When all stocks are up, which one should you choose that will be safe in a downturn? This site helps us find those investments that will pay dividends no matter what. The stocks are chosen based upon the financial stability of the company, dividend growth and future growth. The writers of DK are very knowledgeable in their field, and the tools they offer are constantly improved. I wholeheartedly recommend this site. It has made me money, and will make you money also.

Dividend Kings Is The Best Service.

The best service out there. Their master list is amazing. I have lived by it since 2019 and it has never let me down. I have averaged a stress free 15 percent a year. DK makes stock buying stress free.

Five star service

They have helped me immensely, not only to become a more disciplined investor and waiting for the right moment, but also with the wide-ranging and fact-based analysis. I will be a subscriber for a very long time to come.

Love the Dividend Kings

Love the in depth analysis. The research terminal. The tutorials. Have recommended the Dividend Kings to several of my friends. Don’t know where I would be without the Dividend Kings

A truly valuable service

Thoughtful. Reliable. Actionable. I’ve entrusted 100% the money that produces all my retirement income to the process and recommendations of The Dividend Kings, with exceptional results. More importantly, I’ve acquired the knowledge I need to construct a portfolio that meets my financial objectives and the confidence I need to sleep well at night with my decisions. Thank you DK!


You won’t find a service that offers such a broad scope of high quality, in-depth analysis anywhere. Daily articles, robust chatroom, a myriad of model portfolios and investor research tools. What more is there it ask for?

Superb Service, excellent contributors and experts

Dividend Kings is one of the best ways to construct a resilient and conservative portfolio, while also getting access to excellent growth investment ideas, all carefully curated by the contributors (including yours truly) to fit different types of investors. It’s worth reading every piece published here.

Hell YES!!

I joined early, in the summer of 2019. Best decision I have made in investing! I have gained so much discipline, which is the key to becoming a successful long term investor. I buy quality companies at attractive prices and relax while the dividends roll in. The DK and the very active DK community made this possible!

Dividend Angels

They have methodical approach to investing and use financial science to find diamonds in the rough. I am very happy with their service!

10 Star Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Of course I’m biased, because I’m a founder, but Dividend Kings is the very best dividend-focused research services on the planet. The site deserves 10-stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Excellent Service, Well Worth It

After spending about 6 months reading their free articles and compiling a version of the “master list” based on their posts, I decided to jump in and pay for the full service to get the actual Master List. That was 2 years ago. So glad I did and no plans to ever go back. The Master List is now at 500 of the best companies available and getting better every day as they cycle out the lower quality options with newly found/recommended higher quality companies. Very responsive to making changes when new suggestions are brought up, and very open with sharing all of their available data. Pay now and don’t look back. You won’t regret it.

The Best

I have subscribed to numerous paid and free services in the past. None have been as profitable and educational as Dividend Kings. It is easily searchable, and the staff is very responsive to subscriber queries and suggestions. Very useful even for neophytes. Also very welcoming to them. Even an absolute beginner will be prevented from doing anything stupid if he only follows the chat room, although there are many other tools for those who want to use them. If I could have only one paid service, this would unquestionably be it.

Great Staff and Great Service!

The self service tools are great and the analysis is the most thorough you’ll find.

Terrific Guide, The Best

Excellent service, highly recommended.

Value for money, no regret at all

Lots of valuable information enabling me to make intelligent decisions. HIghly motivated team with exceptional quality and expertise. Very good recommendations

DK Service – Great tool, Great Service and Great people on the Chat

Absolutely love the service. It has become a backbone for my investment resources. Feedback that I would provide is: – A more friendly user interface (similar to the IREIT interface) which brings together all the different datapoints (buy lists, correction tools, data research terminals etc). I personally leverage different components across all the different data sets and it would be helpful to have it packaged in a more easier to use manner

Definitely worth it!

Great analysis and tools for helping select stocks based on a variety of stock valuation approaches. Service has more than paid for itself with my investments.

Amazing Team & Solid Advice

Amazing team & solid advice. This service paid for itself within the first few weeks of joining. I will be a lifetime member.

Simply the best, and just keeps getting better!

I have been a member of IReit and an original member of Dividend Kings. I have found no better source of comprehensive, balanced, current information which is timely presented and updated for personal analysis and decision-making purposes. The resources are simply amazing. With differing perspectives from each of the members of the team, they show you the many ways to look at the same idea. You learn how to best understand your personal goals and risk profile, and how to use these resources benefit you. Thank you for all you do!

The Correct Decision

I rely extensively on the analysis and recommendations of the Dividend Kings. The service is well worth the fee; my portfolio has profited handsomely since I joined. Happy I made the correct decision.

Member since day one. Now a member for life.

I won’t make a investment decision without first consulting Dividend Kings. They are the best source of Intelligent, fact-based financial data and analytical methodologies that allow me, as a retiree, to sleep very well at night with my portfolio decisions. Member since day one. Now a member for life.

Dividend Kings, A Partner in Retirement

Wonderful article and enjoyed the list and thoughts to compare beside my efforts. Have 11 of the 20 stocks and sector breakdown for the top five sits at ENERGY 35%, Consumer Staples 20%, REIT 20%, Financial 10% and Industrials 6%. Personal goal in retirement has been “no draw downs” and instead focusing on dividends and distributions; thus, disagree with the 2.6%. 4% or any % of selling stocks to meet expenses. Also of the opinion that MLPs should be held for the maximum tax advantage and not sold which would trigger a tax event (think step-up provision of the tax code). Your and DKs tools, chats, and collaborative insights/thoughts/examples have been most useful. Your and DKs’ services assisted the overall portfolios to a 43.3% gain last year, a 5.27% gain for 01.2022 and 8.8% gain YTD 2022. If this sounds like an endorsement, well I guess it is…just wanted to say thank you and let the team know that what you folks do is making a difference in the lives of two retired people and for their heirs-to-be. Veni, Vedi, Vici

Thank you.

My “Dividend Kings” subscription renewed recently and it reminded me that I should take a moment and publicly say… “Thank You”. My retirement was, shall I say, “on the rocks” after Mr. Market’s nuclear meltdown in early 2020. While I’m sure there would have been some recovery to my portfolio, there is simply no way that I could have made up the ground lost (and a lot more) without the expertise of The Dividend Kings and iREIT (which also renewed recently). I had been in the market for several years and had really not made much headway. After the complete and total beatdown I took early last year, I guess it was desperation that made me decide to try “Dividend Kings”. It turns out that has been one of the most important financial decisions of my life. It is not hyperbole to say that retirement would have been a much darker place for my wife and I had I not decided to pull the trigger on these subscriptions last year. So again, to dividend.sensei brad.thomas noah.blacker Nicholas.Ward and the rest of the team… Thank You.

Good charts but too comfortable in recommending companies that don’t pay a dividend

The charts are very valuable in screening dividend stocks for more information that available in most analyst recommendations. Plus, the daily emails with specific ideas is helpful. However, I have a fundamental issue with the approach of combining companies that do NOT pay a dividend in combination with a company that does to achieve a “blended” dividend. I look to this team to be a specialist in presenting dividend stocks. It’s a lot more comforting to hold a stock that is down when you make income than watching a loss of value with nothing to show for it…Amazon is an example.

Great company for a great price 🙂

Great videos and tools, great staff, allows me to make trades with confident while investing relatevley less time than i would have needed to without it

Good High Quality Service

These folks are the real deal. I appreciate their hard work and outstanding analysis and their many reports and portfolios which are live and updated almost constantly.

Join the “Dividend Kings”

Always actionable advise everyday. I especially like the “Top Buy List”. Recommend joining.

Opinion of a stock market novice

This service has been the solution for understanding how the stock market works, I love it.

A Great Investment

With less than a million to invest… (much less)… I never felt that any investment advisor would devote the time and effort to my portfolio that I felt it deserved. However, I realize my own limitations when it comes to analyzing individual stocks. Adam Galas and the Dividend Kings contributors do extensive research and analysis providing a long list of reasoned investment alternatives. Their motivation is to give you advice and tools you can believe in while ignoring the market noise. The amount and quality of the information provided is well worth the investment in the DK subscription.

Invest with confidence at DK

I’ve now been a DK member for almost a year and have both enjoyed (and profited!) from this service over that time. DK features which I most enjoy / benefit from are 1) Daily Blue Chip Deal videos 2) Automated Investment Decision Tool and 3) the How to Invest Better Library. Adam G. is my favorite DK contributor, and I’m still learning new DK tools which are available to me as I spend more time on DK. ONE REQUEST I have for a future DK tool is the ability to import my (real money) portfolio directly into the DK platform from my broker so that I may see how my individual stock holdings stack up vs. the various (excellent) DK metrics. I hope this is something which is in the works? If you could let us know, that would be great. Thanks again to all the DK contributors for sharing their vast investing knowledge and experience with all of us!

Great investment tool – highly recommended

I think the Dividend Kings is one of the best subscription value tools I’ve purchased for my investments. I find it to be extremely helpful in guiding my investing. Tools keep getting better with ever greater, accurate and timely updates to help adjust my investing.

So worth it.

The articles, the research, the support, all top notch. The authors, some of the best, brightest, well known members of the dividend investing community. Icing on the cake, imagine being able to ask a question and get a response directly from these titans. Invaluable service.

Great Research for Confident Investing

I’m so pleased with this service. The research is so thorough and helps me invest with confidence. I have been able to generate income while sleeping at night since they are so focused on safe yields from the highest quality investments, purchased when they are undervalued. I highly recommend DK for all individual investors.

DK Review

I have been a member for several months now and my portfolio is up significantly. I’m no longer making blind decisions like I used to do in the past. Learned a lot since joining DK and will definitely stay long.

Managing Retirement With Help From DK

I have been retired since 2019, and signed up for the DK service just before leaving the daily grind. For a few years before that, I had been paying someone a bit under 1% a year to manage a portion of my portfolio in a similar manner – building a portfolio of rock-solid companies that generated income through reliable dividends. Since making the switch, I have been very happy with my move. I have taken charge of my portfolio, paid much less for the advice (over 90% less per year), and been completely comfortable taking over managing my own retirement income. I held steady (with great advice) through the COVID scare, and have made a number of excellent adjustments – always looking for better value and increased income. Today I hold 100% winners (not underwater on a single investment) and I am living comfortably on a combination of Social Security plus income from my investments. I owe a lot to Dividend Kings for my current state. Thanks guys.

DK Subscriber for 1 1/2 yrs-

DK provides an excellent set of “tools” and in my experience it pays for itself. Most important to me is the dedication of the team to provide a high level of customer service and to constantly improve their product. The focus here is on fundamentals and risk/reward. Refreshing in a world of “hype and sensationalism”! For reference, I am a CPA and I manage my own investment portfolio with the help of tools like DK. I would also recommend checking out IREIT if you are interested in real estate investing. Make your own luck!

Worth every penny .

Since i use Dividend kings my gains are better , really love their service

Great Investment Thesis

Great analysis, education and advise. Started subscribing in July of 2020. My DK portfolio of 28 companies is up over 30% since September of 2020.

Blind Trust !

I was 28 years old when I joined the DK member. I have enough confidence that they know what they are doing in this insane overvalued market. Sometimes I wonder that I am a genius making such amazing gains and stock picks, but all the credit goes to DK. As the title says “Blind Trust”. I do trust you guys with your recommendations and valuation study. Way to go guys ! Great team !

Investing with confidence is the end result.

The Dividend Kings articles and Investing Resources is a life-saver and tremendous time saver. Due diligence of portfolio research by them gives me much more time to devote to client relationships.

Top Notch Service

The research is top notch as is the coverage. I will be a subscriber for a long time.

I’ve subscribed to other services then left after a year for various reasons. Dividend Kings changed that pattern. I find the information detailed yet clear. The valuation updates and risk profiles are the most useful part of the service but also the email alerts and end of day summaries are helpful. I am not a ‘chat room’ sort of person but I like to read what goes on there. Others may find that the best feature. The team works hard to keep everything updated. I cringe when I hear their work schedule and plans but I know from that, that I can trust the information. My current portfolio of stocks based on the service has allowed me to outperform S&P (not a priority for me, tho’, and we’ll see how long that lasts) but more importantly, I feel like I am making better investment decisions including what and when to buy, add to and sell.

The Right Amount of Information and Actionable Recommendations

Worh the price

I have been a member since 12/20 and my portfolio is up significantly (includes the march madness sell off). There is a learning curve but there is also a very active chat room and questions are welcome. Give the Dividend Kings a try. I think you will like it.

Broke some bad habits I didn’t know I had

In the few weeks I’ve been using Dividend Kings, I’ve learned a great deal about more effective buying strategies to balance the fear of missing out with multiple buys at prudent valuation levels. I’ve already become a much better investor, and improved both my portfolio performance and income accordingly. The chat room is chock full of great advice and encouragement, as well. Highly recommend!


Does the work for me 🙂

Money well spent

Top notch service!! The work put in by the DK staff is abundant, useful and most of all quality. I was skeptical on joining but really glad I did. There are plenty of charts and tools to keep you busy with doing your “homework” on companies you wish to invest in. There is a slight learning curve to the site (took me about a week and I just started investing about a year ago) with the amount of resources available but once you get the hang of the tools you won’t be disappointed. To me the icing on the Dividend Kings service “cake” is the community that is there. The members offer yet another wealth of knowledge to assist you along your investing journey. I just wish I was able to add more to that aspect of the service but Im in the “sponge” stage, just soaking in all the information available from the community. If you believe in the dividend growth philosophy of investing look no further than the Dividend Kings service, even if you aren’t 100% sold on the DGI path there are some non dividend paying companies covered as well.

Come join The Dividend Kings

Premier analysis and tools. Totally worth a monthly or yearly membership. Found it so useful I ended up getting the annual membership right after the trial period ended. Couldn’t be more satisfied.

Best online service ever!

With an emphasis on Dividend Growth, but an eye on low PEG/Fast growth stocks also, this service is the best I have seen. I have been able to drop several other services and tools due to the wealth of tools and knowledge brought to the table by the Dividend Kings.

Solid Investment Advice

Solid investment advice through hardwork and research. I am new to the portfolio and am taking my time with building up a solid base of investments but so far your advice has provided my overall portfolio protection from the up and down market we are seeing in early 2021. I look forward to enjoying the service and acting on your advice over the longterm. My goals are to provide for my own financial future and my children’s and eventually my grandchildren’s. I hope to learn something along the way.

Highly Recommend – Best Service

DK is the absolute best .. Great analysis and insights… Happy to join

The Dividend Kings provides the best service of any subscription on Seeking Alpha

I have been a DK subscriber for 18 months and am totally impressed with the responsiveness and information that this service provides. I have subscribed to various Seeking Alpha services over the past 5 years but The Dividend Kings is by far, the most complete and comprehensive service that I have ever seen. It is a true value for the investment.

Qualitative way to identify investment opportunities

I joined in Jan 2021 and am happy with the quality of articles, tools and the community involvement. Whilst the various tools can be overwhelming at first glance, in a way this forces you to learn how the tools work which in my opinion helps to improve your understanding of various metrics used and ultimately be a better investor. I look forward to the various changes and improvements that Adam, Nick and the team keep making.

The Best Service

DK is the absolute best. Unparalled research helps me apply disciplined, research aided financial advice to every investment decision for safe income. Always researching and updating fair values and targets. Couldnt ask for a better service. Looking forward to DK Pro

A stable beacon of sanity in a sea of fear and greed.

Relentlessly hammers you to focus on paying good prices for great companies and that fundamentals ultimately prevail. (I happen to agree.) It has paid for itself several times over by exposing me to opportunities in a wider universe of companies than I could possibly keep track of on my own. I appreciate that no matter how dire the situation (March 2020) or euphoric (April 2021), DK has been 100% consistent in its message and mission to identify and encourage the purchase of high quality companies at undervalued prices. Dividend Kings is a stable beacon of sanity in a sea of fear and greed.

Highly Recommend!!

Great analysis and insight. I am making money with DK! Highly recommended.

Look no further…

The Dividend Kings is your one stop shop for everything you need to know to become a successful dividend investor. With in-depth analysis, weekly podcast, tools to help make purchasing decisions, daily chat alerts, and beginner investing guides there is no other place I go for my investing research.

Awesome analytics, reasonable concerns

Pretty happy joining DK

DK Service Review

This is an excellent site for considering stock picks. Lots of helpful information to make useful decisions. I regularly follow the DK articles to make good decisions.

DK Review

Fantastic service. Learned a lot and still learning.

I like my dividends !

If your investing focus is mainly dividend producing companies, this is a very informative program. I’m very satisfied with their conservative evaluations of companies for investment.

Stock Valuations

I really enjoy the solid work they provide on stock valuations and the daily email updates .

Dividend Kings is legit

Dividend Sensei was my favorite Seeking Alpha writer well before he started this service, so was an easy choice to join, with an added bonus of having Chuck Carnevale on board. just good analytics with an emphasis on not overpaying for great companies. Combined with your own due diligence this site is excellent.

Best Dividend/Value Information

Excellent dividend growth investing information with an amazing community among it’s members.

Awesome amount of insight!

Great service and tons of insight and investing ideas.

All I need to help me with investing.

The service is helpful and comprehensive enough for me. Here’s what I like about it: 1) a Master list with updated metrics on quality, growth, dividend, rating, and valuation for 500 of the best stocks available. 2) A chat room where people actually respond to your questions about investing in general or particular stocks, as well as share their own strategies. 3) Regular articles where the authors update us on their own portfolios, the market in general, and stocks in particular; 4) Possibility to request analysis of stocks that have not yet been covered by the service; 5) Focused on long term fundamental analysis in partnership with other great services and collaborators such as FastGraphs and IREIT.

DK: A very helpful resource that pays dividends.

Before I subscribed to DK I was making lots of emotional buys and making mistakes. My subscription has more than paid for itself 10 times over. Not only do I do a better job of making purchases that are not over valued, I’ve become much more patient in making trade decisions. I am very thankful that I am a member of the DK subscriber team and appreciate all the hard work that goes into building the Research Terminal. And the trend line on my accounts’ values are more consistently up-trending now. I wish I had known about DK 18 years ago when I first retired and started trading for a living.

A very Happy Client of DK

Hands down the best service I’ve used on SA. I have learned so much on investment from the DK team and my portfolio is benefiting from that. I wouldn’t want to be making my own investment decisions without consulting the DK tools. The results speak for themselves.

Dividend Kings – the sharpest tool in the shed!

Spent 6-9 months reading and studying all the different investors out on Seeking Alpha…and I constantly kept circling back to Dividend Kings articles, recommendations and comments. I joined and haven’t looked back. They have a solid group of tools, excellent teachers/mentors/traders/investors (call it what you want) among Adam, Nick, Justin, Chuck and DK members themselves are excellent resources. I value the ecosystem and view it as the most important contributor to my investing.

Happy retiree…!

I like the solid research behind determining fair value and dividend safety. Just what I need as retiree. Used the service for more than a year and very happy. I already recommended to family and friends. Looking forward to the PRO service

Great tools to help investors make better trades

I’ve been a member of Dividend Kings for 2 months now and am very satisfied with the tools provided and advice given on the message board. DK uses a rigorous method to determine a company’s safety and fair value. Daily advice is given to flag stocks that have dropped below fair value or run up above fair value. This service isn’t about chasing the highest yields. It is about identifying the highest quality stocks that are fairly priced. I would encourage anyone interested in a pragmatic, mathematical approach to stock trading to check this service out. The Dividend Sensei is Ranked #1 out of 8,013 Financial Bloggers on as of April 2021.

Best Investment Newsletter around.

I have subscribed to numerous investment letters over the years. The Dividend Kings has out performed all the previous letters by a wide margin. They have detailed explanations on why the look to invest in particular stocks. I will be a lifetime subscriber. THANKS for all the PROFITS!!

Helping people who need the help!

I would consider myself a novice investor,With DK help I have done very well and learned a great deal that I would haven taken me years to do by myself. It’s really helped with the fear of making hugh mistakes!

DK review from a recent subscriber

I joined the DK Service beginning of the year and this service is a killer. The top buy list and the every buy recommendation made me a lot of money for the short and the long term.

Great Value service

Great value DGI guidance. Plus some reasonable moderate risk blue chip growth. Quality first.

Wish I had this service years ago!

Amazing service. The amount of information available to subscribers is extensive and updated continuously. The community built here has a great chat room available for members to use to get several different viewpoints. Had I known years ago what I have learned from Dividend Kings, I would have been spared many losses.

Very Pleased with DK

I pay for this service so that I don’t have to take the time to research and screen dividend based stocks on my own. I like that multiple portfolios are offered to help align with an investors age and risk profile. This service for me is worth the monthly fee. Thanks for all the work you do.

Excellent research and online community!

I’ve been using DK for the past 6 months and can’t say enough about the quality of the research and metrics! As confidence in their research has gone up, I’m slowly converting my DGI retirement portfolio to DK Portfolios and Buy List – a lot less work and lets me sleep well at night. Love the DK Chat and constantly learning from it. Keep up the great work!

The entire DK team impresses with its outstanding investment expertise

On the one hand, the incredibly helpful imparting of knowledge, strategies and stock suggestions with articles and videos. On the other hand, extensive databases and a chat with all imaginable and useful information to make well-founded and very promising investment decisions in the long term. Even as a self-employed investor, I benefit greatly from these extensive resources and learn new almost every day. So far it has consistently exceeded my expectations. DK and Dividend Sensei are the first to use the new Super Metric (Super Magic Formula) I created, in a modified form as the “13-year median combined ROC / PEG ratio” since November 2020. The logic (a priori) behind this formula promises the possibility of long-term outperformance in just one metric. A wonderful endorsement and recognition of the inhärenten logic and functionality of this metric. It is a great thing with the DK service and like-minded people to pursue the goal of increasing the own wealth in this unique way. I have no doubt that it will work.

I retired and have been managing our accounts. Only my spouse knows how well we are doing. She credits me but I tell her my real success was finding Adam and the Dividend Kings.

I read all reviews before subscribing. Then I read all I could on the DK site during my free two weeks. Some of the negative opinions suggest to me that they did not carefully read the description of the site. It is about undervalued stocks with SOME suggested portfolios. If you do not want daily updates and want self-guided portfolios with less explanation/information, look elsewhere or pay quarterly for an adviser. For me, this is the best investing information I have encountered. Kudos to Dividend Sensei. His grammar is not perfect, but he may be one of the hardest workers I have encountered.

The Dividend Kings

At the beginning I can understand people, who say a lot is publicly posted here, but if you look at the content and see the added value of articles, information and resources in the member area, then you can focus on learning instead of collecting all the datas yourself. Dividend Kings working constantly on improvements that make life easier. Investors like me can learn a lot from Dividend Sensei in my eyes he is like Jeff Bezos a genius in his area: studying and becoming a better investor. Paired with Chuck Carnevale, the Master of Valuation and his fast graphs charts and analyzes you grow your Success to the next level at Dividend Kings. Many thanks also to the team behind Dividend Kings.

Good first impression

An early review: very easy to get into the model portfolios and tools. I subscribed as I intend to weigh dividend income more heavily in my portfolio in the coming few years. Already made some early picks based on the recommendations and company profiles here – good results so far!

An essential service for a Retiree

As Dividend Kings has grown in scope I have now come to depend on the comprehensive service as my primary investing resource. I am a retired investor who needs income and a well designed protected portfolio to provide for my family’s annual needs. Dividend Kings has developed an amazing resource service providing analysis and ratings of stocks, recommended portfolios and best of all, advice on investments for managing retirement portfolios. There are daily chat rooms to share questions and answers and daily recommendations on investment choices. I cannot recommend them more highly.

Value Dividend Growth Investing – If only I had known Years Ago

I joined Fast Graphs about 5 years ago. Prior to that I had subscribed to many investment newsletters that provided only stock buy, sell or hold advice; many with conflicting opinions. Chuck Carnevale’s Fast Graphs has a totally different approach to investing that provides individual investors with on-line education and the tools to easily evaluate the health and value of any company like the pros. Chuck Carnevale’s Fast Graphs, dividend growth value investing philosophy and supportive Dividend Kings experts and investor forum, have provided me with all the tools and confidence I need to stay the course regardless of market conditions. I remain a loyal and lifelong member.

Taking Control

Coming from Schwab’s Private Client( and losing money ), I find this service invaluable. You can’t time the market, but with DK you can pick solid entry points and avoid many pitfalls. They have given me a better sense of investing going into retirement.

Outstanding Service

I have been a member of Dividend Kings almost from the beginning. There certainly was some start up issues and I considered cancelling my subscription at times. But Dividend Kings has become the best service on Seeking Alpha. It provides excellent analyses of stocks from both dividend safety and valuation perspectives. Their tools are great and constantly improving. The recent Automated Investment Decision Score tool automated an earlier manual tool that I was never able to quite figure out how to use. Love the videos and admire the dedication and hard work by the team, especially Nick and Dividend Sensi. Dividend Kings is best service I have used and I strongly recommend it.

Very helpful

Very helpful with a lot of solid stock picking ideas! Always strong reasoning for evaluations

This is just what I was looking for!

Keep up the good work

Choices, Most-Regal

Excellent data, with unmatched exposition & analysis. Any serious, income-hungry investor will find a never-ending buffet of high-level choices – open 24/7 – from a serious and accessible team of virtuoso analysts. Bravo, Dividend Kings!



Impressed so far! Keep it up!

Impressed with width breadth and depth of analysis. Work ethic of principal and other Kings is truly impressive, Many tools/spreadsheets providing detailed and timely data. They are constantly looking to improve with timely analysis and introduction of new information

Great resource for High Quality Dividend Paying Stocks

The Dividend Kings is a fantastic service that provides excellent analyses of stocks from a dividend safety and valuation point of view. The managers of Dividend Kings have decades of investing experience in REITS, Midstreams, Dividend paying stocks and fundamental analysis. If you are interested in high quality dividend paying stocks this is a great resource that I highly recommend and can play a role in building your own personal stock portfolio. I have been thoroughly happy with the articles, videos and investing advice published on this site. If anything try the free trial and see for yourself the bargain one is getting.

Great investment advice.

Dividend Kings gives lots of info which helps a self directed investor manage a portfolio. Helps me to sleep at night! great information on a daily basis. stocks that I never would have found on my own.

The DK’s – a great resource for DGI investors.

The Dividend Kings is a comprehensive service for DGI investors. A diverse group of thoughtful contributors and excellent valuation/research tools makes The DK’s a stand out service on seeking Alpha.

Great Service

The work that is put in to show how certain potential investments is outstanding. This is a team effort and I know that in the short time I’ve been a subscriber it’s made me a better more confident investor. It’s information intense so if that’s not your bag don’t sign up.

Don’t miss this opportunity !

The analysis is comprehensive, the research stands on a foundation of huge work ethic, discipline, competency, and really caring about the outcomes of the membership. It’s an unparalleled service

Excellent service at a fair price for all!

I am very happy with The Dividend Kings Service and think it is well worth the investment for those who choose to do some or all of their own investing. For me, I have invested for 25 years and invest about 25% of my overall retirement portfolio. The part of my portfolio that my fiduciary advisors do I oversee. Without the excellent and thorough articles, videos, and library of The Dividend Kings, I would not be able to do my own investing much less oversee my fiduciary advisors. I would highly recommend this subscription to anyone investing on their own. It far surpasses any subscription service I have paid for in the past and they don’t have different tiers for different folks who can pay more-so everyone gets the same service and no one feels second rate!! That’s very important!

Excellent service, best may be yet to come

I primarily pay for the DK knowledge and research which I don’t have the time for. Adam and the team do a fantastic job of providing it in a very thorough way. I would like for there to be more attention paid to making the sight more user friendly, ie. videos or articles explaining how the site is organized and how to use the tools. For newbies like myself, with all the changes recently I find it challenging to keep up to speed and utilize it to the fullest without more guidance.

Dividend Kings Delivers Quality Results

I love Dividend Kings! It has help me to implement a Dividend Growth strategy, and select stocks that fit my risk profile .. higher quality (safer) stocks that pay good dividends and purchased at a discount to its fair market value. I get tremendous benefit from the weekly updates/reviews of companies and totally enjoy the ‘how to’ articles – its helped me a lot. Thank you for the great service and for continued improvements.

Probably the best service on SA

Great accumulation of data with relevant, actionable commentary, easy to follow portfolio’s, and–which may seem odd in an on-line service such as this–real personal attention. Definitely, NOT a get rich quick or SUPER INCOME NOW service, but a fundamentally sound place to build your net worth.

Incredible Service!

I love the daily interaction in the chat room! Nicholas and DS are very happy to answer questions and provide insight throughout the day.

Dividend Kings will help you succeed with your investment goals!

I have subscribed to many investment newsletters over the years but none have come close to the quality of Dividend Kings. Wish I had found it years ago. I would be living on a private island watching dividends was ashore! The group that contributes to this service works diligently to find the best investments ideas for it’s members!!

DK is the best

I would certainly recommend DK to anyone I talk investing to and as a matter of fact I have. The way all of the information is presented is very understandable. Keep up the outstanding work.

DKs are the Best

In the last 18 years I tried many subscriptions. I can’t go anywhere and get a better deal, service, and quality. Plus a team that cares and tries for each member more than I can get here. DS and the Gang are the best!!!

Perfect for the do it yourself investor

Great service. Perfect for the do it yourself investor.

For me the absolute BEST in CLASS investment service

A quick note to give big Kudos to the Dividend Kings, IREIT, SHY and the entire Wide MOAT research team to me, BEST in class. PERIOD. The subscriptions I pay for paid for themselves the first year. I wanted not just data but quality data to make the best investment decisions. They provided just that and so much more. The absolute best information and recommendations best I have seen provided. The value added provided is unsurpassed and unmatched from Adam, Brad, Nick and Chuck when he is able to add in his extra wisdom. I appreciated DK, IREIT, SHY, and Wide MOAT TEAM. I expect to be a lifetime member.

From a French new customer,

I’ve only been a French customer for 24 hours and I think the site is already great, I’ll come back to you in three months.

Excellent and Recommended

100% recommended to others who are looking to invest in the long term. Great products, valuation tools, client service, really great. Thank you.

Best of the best

Valuable information at an affordable price.. the members of dividend kings evaluate and explain their ideas and valuations perfectly, with each member providing their own take on stocks and providing different expertise. Unlike some services who act like gods of finance, I get a more family feel from service. My membership has definitely expanded not only my knowledge but also my portfolio into stocks I never would have ventured into on my own. 5 stars member for life here!

Price is what you pay, Value is what you receive

Kings commenced I was hesitant to subscribe, as I am to all paid services. However, a number of contributors who I previously followed joined the Dividend Kings team, so I decided to give it a try. I have been pleased with the investment and the associated returns. In addition, it has been impressive how they continually look to improve the value and utility of the service. I am a retiree looking for value and dividend income and this service hits the mark.

A Service For Successful Value investment

DK is a hard working team of analysts interested in educating subscribers and providing high quality analysis. They are continually fine tuning their tools and service to make it better. There are certainly times when I look at their recommendations and say: that’s not for me but, they try to provide information that helps you make that decision. DK does not try to call tops or bottoms. They work at communicating perceived value of stocks. I’ve also found the member chat board helpful as both authors and investors actively participate.

The Best Research Team on your side!

I’ve been a subscriber for about 5 months. The research is high quality and better than the sell side research available at brokerage houses! They also provide solid background on the Stock Market and how to work with it.

excellent value

I joined Dividend Kings in January of 2020, right before the COVID correction. I have gladly renewed twice now and believe that this service has given me the tools and confidence to invest intelligently and comfortably, in the style that best suits my risk tolerance. I have made gains to date that cover the cost of the service multiple times over. The detailed charts are very useful in helping me make my investment decisions and I am looking forward to newer Dividend Kings tools. I highly recommend this service especially for busy professionals and investing beginners.. -Neuro1

Love it

I’m new, but I love the articles and the educational materials for investing. Looking forward to investing alone side investors with experience and skin in the game.

They’re Kings of the Hill!

Really into the Dividend Kings! Had been using The Dividend Champions made available by Justin Law for years before joining anyway…! But the explanations and theory behind what the DK are cookin’ will whet your appetite for more. And Chuck Carnevale even posts “audible books” complete with theory, yet clear and concise explanations.And Dividend Senesi has the Valuation Tools that will let you sleep well at night!


Pegeen I’ve been a member of the DK’s for more than 2 months now. It’s a truly amazing service! What I like about it: Responsiveness: Have you ever had an advisor that you can email and ask a question regarding a stock, macroeconomics, buy, sell or hold? Well, that’s the way DK works, and it works quickly–sometimes immediately, sometimes in a matter of 2-3 days. I’ve asked for the low- down on ERIC, RHBBY, MELI, a few others and received analysis on these within days. Stocks: DK offers a collection of 400+ curated–and rated–stocks to choose from. It’s searchable by many factors such as sector, dividend safety level, estimated future growth, rate of dividend growth, etc. It’s updated constantly. For the first time in my life, I can invest with reasonable confidence that I’m making a wise choice. I’m led to consider stocks I had never even heard of. General investment advice from a Dividend Investor’s perspective. General wisdom: the DK’s work hard to give you the LT perspective, helping you to avoid panic decisions in the midst of a Black Swan. Chat line: the chat feature is wonderful–a group of savvy old investors and worried newbies, all bucking each other up, crowing about victories, giving voice to fears. Adding bits of investing advice or news or sympathy as needed. You’re not alone out there; you’re in an investing treehouse club. General investing education: the DK’s are teaching me to fish, not handing me a smelt and advising me to buy it. I like that. I’ve learned so much already, and I can play out investing ideas in the chat line as above. The DKs deal in probabilities, based on facts, based on credible and named sources. It’s not about inscrutable declarations to buy this or that, it’s about “consider all these factors and issues, and you decide, based on your particular needs.” Great at the price: it seems steep at first, but try it for a month and see what you think. I earned back the yearly fee within a couple of weeks. Satisfied? Absolutely! Sleeping Well at Night? Well, in these times, I’m sleeping much better than I would have, without the DK’s. Thanks, guys!

Everything you need for Dividend Stock Investing

Dividend Kings provides constantly updated price, Average Fair Value, Consensus Growth Rate, Yield, Dividend Growth Rate, projected Long Term Growth Rate and more for 500+ stocks. You can sort by percent undervalued, by sector, by Quality and more. It also offers tutorials on principles of investing to help you develop your strategies to achieve your financial goals.

Makes investing so easy and profitable

I would recommend this service to anyone no matter what their age. I have tried many services over the years and not one comes close to what you get from DK. Most extensive help and tools that you need to help you with a balanced portfolio.

Amazing service with exceptional dedication

This service offers way beyond what one could expect. Dividend Sensei seems to be working 24/7 on improving the service, individually replying to inquiries, writing articles, updating lists and so on. This guy’s work ethic is insane, his knowledge extensive, and the results show it. I truly believe he is able to find the best dividend stocks on the market for any situation. The methodology which is followed is transparent, sound and actionable, and the articles and tools are more than beneficial. I also enjoy the healthy chat. What is more, other renowned contributors such as Chuck Carnevale, Brad Thomas and Justin Law throw in interesting articles a few times per week as well. Overall I am very pleased and hope that the service will go in this way for a long time.

Excellent, DK is a terrific service, very data focused allowing investor more time for evaluation rather than data searching from various sites. More importantly, the DK methodology helps determine fair value and future potential gains based on the best methodology that I am aware of and support. Highly recommend!

Excellent, super responsive service that employs a comprehensible methodology that I’m finding very accessible and useful!

Best investinment service on Seeking Alpha

I have been investing since 2003 and Dividend Kings is the best investing service I have ever encountered, especially for the price. Dividend Sensei provides exceptional and prompt customer service. He usually provides personal responses to specific questions within minutes of it being asked. He seems to always be online except between 11pm and 4 am PST. Service is outstanding for what it advertises: Dividend growth and value stocks. Limited advice for fixed income is also available. Only limitation I see is that they do not cover international securities directly. For advice on international diversification one must look elsewhere. 5 stars.

Rating Dividend Kings

I love the combined strength of the three authors. Chuck has made analysis much simpler for novice investors with his fast graphs tools. I love his YouTube podcasts and clarity of thinking and expression. Brad is a wealth of knowledge in real estate gained through long experience and connections. Adam digs up tons of useful information and seems indefatigable in researching and analyzing. I love his insights. If they didn’t post his picture I would suspect he was a robot he puts out so many articles and comments. Subscribed to both dividend kings and fast graphs and loving it! Clearly deserving of five stars!

Buy a subscription, you will not regret it!

In my view, a subscription to “The Dividend Kings” is an essential element of any serious investor’s toolkit. Chuck Carnavale and the others involved are masters at what they do. Once upon a time I thought it would be fun to make my own wine. Disaster! I then realized that some things are best left to the experts. And in this arena, the experts are Chuck Carnavale and his colleagues in The Dividend Kings. Many thanks to them!

Dividend Growth

Thanks for Chuck’s dividend growth presentation. I like to choose individual stocks and, being retired many years now, it seems like a good approach. A majority of my investments are from your model portfolios. My main failings are (1) not being as diversified as you recommend and (2) trading more than I probably should.

The Waze of Wall Street

The Dividend Kings’ service is priceless. I equate them to the Waze of Wall Street, helping me navigate the highly sophisticated financial markets in building my financial portfolio. They provide fact-based insight, recommendations, and guidance on induvial stocks, as well as the stock market in general, that is extremely useful and easy to understand. For many years, decades in fact, I relied exclusively on mutual funds and exchange traded funds for investment choices because, for me at least, selecting individual stocks seemed too risky and difficult. I feel the Dividend Kings have done an excellent job of identifying a relatively small number of quality stocks (their Master List) for me to more closely focus on for my investment choices. They provide detail support for their recommendations, an on-line chat service (a must read for me every day), and sample investment portfolios in addition to other services. Considering financial planners typically charge around 1% of a portfolio’s total value on an annual basis for their services, the service provided by the Dividend Kings is one hell of a great deal at the price they charge for an annual subscription!

Very Valuable Service

Comment I left on the article: This is great (the article and ready access to reference material). Thank you so much. I’m a charter subscriber and this is exactly why I am. You folks are service oriented and constantly improving.

I’m a DK lifer for sure!

I needed a good source for great stocks and could never really find that for a reasonable yearly cost that I felt I could trust. As a member for going on 3 years, I can honestly say I am a member for life. Thanks to this service and its great valuation tools I have been able to double my portfolio value, while at the same time building an incredible dividend stream as I enter retirement. The DK work ethic is the best, and the people on board and ever present in the chat room are smarter, more seasoned, more diligent, and helpful to newcomers than any other group I have ever seen.

Excellent Service

I have been a member for about 2 months. I am extremely pleased with the service. It’s well worth the money. Adam dedicates his life to helping the average investor understand the market complexities. He spends time answering questions and truly cares about his subscribers success. I highly recommend this service.

The Dividend Kings

very good service

Pre-Covid Member

Thank goodness I found DK before the big drop from Covid. The service gave me the confidence to “be greedy when others are fearful”. I’ve learned a great deal being in this group from the Kings and from the great community. The tools are fantastic and the work ethic of all involved is brilliant!

great service

dividend kings is by far best service i have ever been a member of .adams knowledge and work ethic is unmatched ! really enjoy chuck and brad contributions as well.I would recommend to anyone cant imagine you would be disappointed mike (allcnty9)

Great service

I really love the quality and frequency of articles that come out at Dividend Kings. Perhaps the most valuable aspect of the service is the master list of stocks, where there are over 300 stocks with their current valuation, showing whether they are overvalued or undervalued. This has been a real beacon of light in the wilderness, for me. I use it all the time.

Worth It

Prior to my Dividend Kings trial, I spent several months doing trials with other Seeking Alpha Marketplace subscriptions. By the end of the first day with the Dividend Kings trial, I knew this was the place. Wish I had signed up for the Dividend Kings subscription sooner, but as with any investment choice, apply due diligence and you will know value when you see it. A Dividend Kings subscription is a great value. Thanks to all the Dividend Kings founders and contributors for what you do! Sincerely



Very Satisfied investor

This is the one stop shop for investing, very good writing, solid recommendations and very helpful when questions do arise about an investment or the methodology of their investing. Highly recommended.

great service

made lots of money listening to these folks…


Tried a 2 week trial and canceled. Spent another 2 weeks reviewing all the material and knew I needed to come back ! More new material since last here and its all GREAT ! You guys are the best ………HERE TO STAY !!

Worth the Investment…

A fairly recent ( 4 mos) but happy DK subscriber. I’ve been a DYI growth investor for many years. Due to pending retirement, “the boys” here at DK, are helping me transition to a smarter, more patient, more informed Value/Div investor. In the past, without realizing it, I chased to find alpha. Now I appreciate the concept of “reversion to the mean” and having patience, while making money on the Divs. Thanks to DK, I am becoming a much better investor! FYI: Roughly following the Million $ portfolio (up 22% YTD while holding 40% bonds/preferreds – woo hoo) update: 2 years later. Still a subscriber. While I’m convinced the past year or so I could have achieved equally good results investing in a range of ETF’s, but am also convinced the next decade will be more challenging. The DK service, tools, and chat room offer advice, comfort, confidence, plans and strategies to deal with the challenges and volatilities that lie ahead. I get more value here than Motley Fool, Barrons, and others.

One of the best investment decisions I have made was subscribing!

Best service I could ask for! Informative, safe value investing and daily chat to ask questions and receive up to the minute updates.

Best I have found in all my years reading and investing

After many years of listening to so many different “experts”, I have found the Dividend Kings to make a lot more sense. Current Value/Price, Dividends, and future expected returns. Not betting on the market or one stock or hunches, but investing long term on stocks that are currently out of favour that have a good track record of solid performance and dividends. Also, they have different portfolios which fit differnt types of people and also work on educating you. If you don’t want to get rich quick, this is the best service to get rich in a stable way over time.

The Dividend Kings is my go-to resource on Seeking Alpha

I have followed Dividend Sensei and Brad Thomas for the last couple years and have found their fundamental analysis of stocks and REITs to be very useful in identifying prospective buys. The Dividend Kings introduced me to Chuck Carnevale and Justin Law, whom I have found to be equally valuable sources of good analysis. The Dividend Kings, in conjunction with, have become my primary sources for identifying and investigating my best quality and undervalued buys. Thank you.

So helpful

I knew nothing about investing. After reading your articles I am educating myself about investing. I so far have invested $274,000 and estimate $15,300 in yearly dividends. I have an understanding of why and now and in the future what these investments are about. I each day read the daily articles to keep learning. Even though I am a novice, I am able to understand the basics to investing. I Thank you, DK, for all the help. susan g.


I have been looking for a service like this since I started investing. Finally a service that not only recommends stocks, but also provides education and reading material for someone to make their own decisions.

Good service

Nice format, good picks, and essays are well written and easily understood.

Value your service

Appreciate the detailed, clear analysis of stocks (fast graphs).

This is a must-have for any investor – Updated 8/8/22

Updated 8/8/22: I have a portfolio built only with recommendations from Dividend Kings and IREIT, my only two subscription sources. I could not attach the graph, but here are my year-to-date results (1/22 to 8/22). My portfolio has outpaced the DOW, NASDAQ and S&P 500 indexes, never dropping below them. Results as of 8/8/22, using 1/1/22 as the 0% point – My Portfolios are up 8.21%, (DOW -9.73%), (S&P 500 -13.03%), (NASDAQ -19.09%). That is a 17% to 28% SPREAD, depending on the index to which you compare. The results speak for themselves, no hype, nor subjective comparisons….. Also, I get a quarterly call from the account executive assigned to my ETrade account. He is consistently complementing me on my portfolio performance (ROTH and IRA). He asks me if there is anything he can do to assist me. I politely tell him no and I credit Dividend Kings and IREIT. And I welcome his quarterly call. I followed one of the DK authors for several months before deciding to subscribe to Dividend Kings, the ONLY paid service that I use. I was looking for a service that provided concise, reliable, boiled-down information. Their advice, recommendations and input are not based on hype, emotion or reflexive reactions to market movement. They give you what is needed to make smart investing decisions. Their content is based on reliable and quantifiable INFORMATION, removing the emotional response to buying and selling to which SO MANY traders fall prey. DK provides a ‘calm’ in the midst of the storm, which is the stock market. I highly recommend subscribing to their service.

My #1 tool

I have subscribed to the Dividend Kings from the start, and I have found it to be one of my most important investment decision-making tools. They apply a consistent philosophy to develop tools and deep-dive analyses that are designed to help members make informed, prudent investment decisions. At least one of the principals is available on the chat boards most of the time, and I have found them very responsive. Even if you don’t agree with every conclusion they reach, they are providing an essential service to anyone who wants to follow a dividend-growth investment strategy. I highly recommend The Dividend Kings.

Valuation/risk management over yield

The DK’s brings great diversity to their recommendations rather than a particular market sector and then always puts valuation first. Best service on Seeing Alpha!

Dividend Kings

DK in combination with fastgraphs is fast becoming my number one source for new potential investments and perhaps more importantly for education. The service is comprehensive and actively supported. Questions are answered very quickly by Dividend Sensei (frankly I dont know how he does it). Few other services combine this much investing experience and wisdom in one place. I can heartily recommend it to anyone who takes genuine, long term investing seriously. Warning: not for traders!

WJJ Discipline trading LLC

The most impressive features and services I like about the Dividend Kings is the methodology used when evaluating undervalued and fairly valued companies. The team there display impeccable knowledge that is very useful to the novice investor. I would highly recommend this service to anyone to doesn’t have the tools and knowledge to decipher stock valuation. Since joining the service my portfolio has appreciated 10% in two months following closely their analysis and entry ranges. I have the utmost confidence in the service and will continue to be a loyal customer due to the success I am experiencing with stock selections and fundamental analysis. I have been using this service since inception and grown my portfolio by five times since following the models and selectively cherry picking from the model portfolios. I have gained expert education during my time with the service and learned much more than I ever would have imagined. The research tools are very professional and easy to navigate and understand. Keep up the hard work and regular improvements, it’s making investing so easy for me and growing my account consistently. A special shout out to Adam for taking point and sharing his extensive knowledge and determination to the success of The Dividend Kings.


Excellent professionals. It has been an enriching experience that has helped me in making decisions regarding my portfolio.

Indispensbile Resource for DIY investors

Cannot say enough good things about the Dividend Kings. Experienced, knowlegable investors imparting timeless wisdom, of risk analysis and discipline investing. Before subscribing to the newsletter, was following Brad Thomas via his Forbes’ newsletter, was a devotee of Chuck Carevale’s FAST Graph website and finally, I appreciate Adam Galas, aka Dividend Sensei’s, long term perspective in the midset of macro analysis and microvaluation. Invaluable collection of resources to help both educate DIYer’s. In my mind an essential resource to help me in my investment education/journey.

Eye Doc can’t believe his own eyes…

Couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw my favorite contributors became partners. I also can’t believe how much I’ve learned from these gentleman both before and since DK. The price of entry is truly nothing for the caliber of this investment leadership. Gents, I thank you and MY HEIRS THANK YOU! Just call me, “Subscriber for Life”!.

Outstanding product!! DK rocks!!

Great service! I’m expecting at least 1000% return on the monthly cost. Amazing information and guidance. I love all the buy lists and portfolios.

Wealth of knowledge

Multiple, informative articles with vast amount of knowledge. A must have for those without years and years of experience.

Great Service with Articles, Watch lists, and Portfolios Provided by a Still-Growing List of Dividend Experts

For my money, The Dividend Kings service on SA is a great value. I have followed all 3 of the original Kings on SA for a long time. That the three of them got together is great in itself but they continue to bring in experts (new Kings?) to provide member-only content. I know it must be a huge amount of work to get a new SA service started but the DKs are providing new articles, watch lists, and portfolio updates every day. They are also very active on the DK service’s Chat Room. I highly recommend The Dividend Kings.

I’ll subscribe until it isn’t offered anymore.

These gentlemen are on top of their game. Three of my favorite authors come together and create a joint service? Ask them as a question and they get back to you quickly. The information they provide is amazing. Their watch lists are awesome. Makes finding stocks 100x easier.

An Investors Holy Grail

Having been an investor for over 40 years and used a few investment letters in my time, the Dividend Kings methodology is 100% in sync with mine and I believe the single best service any investor should subscribe to in order to SWAN. 🙂


Your new ideas appreciated.

Excellent dividend stock coverage for the DIY investor

This service has great coverage of dividend-paying stocks, with an emphasis on safety and long-term income growth. There is a 500-stock coverage universe, which is more than most services I have followed. The primary writer (dividend sensei) produces literally mountains of impressive material. To get the best use of the service, you must be prepared to absorb all that material and make your own decisions. There is a model behind the 500 stocks with hundreds of data points provided. Bear in mind, no analyst can personally know 500 companies deeply, so the service is highly dependent on data providers and Wall Street analysts. There can occasionally be blind spots. I would say there are maybe 50-100 companies that the principal writer knows really well (which is still a lot). Coverage of the other companies is still valuable, but I always double check the analysis elsewhere. There are fire-and-forget portfolios, but so many of them (and more offered all the time) that the passive investor would likely be frustrated at having too many options. You really need to be willing to put in the time to study the material. The service has diverged a bit from its original mission, with about 10% of the coverage universe now devoted to growth stocks. This part of the service has not been successful, but if you ignore that you still have ~450 odd dividend payers to consider. There was also a recent unfortunate diversion into cryptocurrencies that most members wisely ignored. However, these drawbacks are minor compared to the value offered in the dividend-paying universe. Income-focused retirees might find that there are some omissions, since no service can cover everything. The coverage of REITs, BDCs, preferred stocks, baby bonds, high yield, and other high-income vehicles is relatively weak, or in some cases (such as preferreds) totally non-existent. Again, a reminder that no one can cover everything.

Dividend Kings

I appreciate the tools and the dialog. I am new to investing, and this is one of the better services I have seen. I would like more assistance on how to use the tools, and I understand a new video is coming shortly. I think it would help if they reached out to newbies to make sure they know how to take advantage of the site

Good service for the value investor

More than a good service. I wish that some of the tools were better but it’s more than a good value for money. Have been a member for close to two years. I know I am not effusive but that is not my style. In my books, Adequate is a good grade, More than Good is to die for 🙂

Needs more coverage of dividends, such as preferred shares

I used to give Dk a 5 but I am concerned at the lack of coverage for preferred stocks. Hey, this is the dividend kings, not the growth stock kings. There is too much aggressive investing done now by DS, most of which will not help me with seeking safe dividends. All three DK contributors are young and not thinking of the big picture for the group. I will try one more year.

Thanks for DK’s sage approach to investing.

I began my investment efforts with a serious commitment in the first week of March 2016 when I had the impression the market had finally found a bottom, which it seems it did. I began taking the commentary from The Dividend Kings along the way in the most recent three years. Although I have not had many funds to work with, I have steadily increased and stabilized my holdings which for me was a welcome change. Thank you DK for your combined wisdom and sage approach to steadying my decisions to build my investment portfolio.

My view

Appreciate the objective perspectives on stocks and the success rate of recommendations made. Only downside is, aside from those stocks listed within “Portfolio Tracker” resource, I have not yet found a list with ratings (good buy, reasonable buy, etc.) of the 500 spy stocks. Also, some headings of tables don’t show on my iPad. All in all, I find the service gainful!

Superior Overview

Excellent way to help quantify the differences between various opportunities! I love the math and insight that you bring to the table. Keep up the great work!!

Philosopher Kings!

Very thorough, very thoughtful and very diligent. That plus their philosophy aligns with mine.

Dividend King Review

The Dividend Kings service has been an extremely valuable tool as I have recently retired and have built my income producing portfolio over the last few years. I agree with their comprehensive approach to analyzing and recommending stocks. I wish I had bought this service at an earlier date.


Good article. Not too long.

my opinion

You guys always have some information that I learn something from it .however at 76 I am looking for more coverage of reits as I am soon about to retire.

Clever but not reliable

I appreciate Adam’s fluency with manipulating numbers, but far too often I do not trust his conclusions. He offers little in the way of solid qualitative analysis of each company’s own business problems, opportunities, growth path, moatiness, long-term prospects, and thus there is no clear basis for accepting or ignoring the recommendations. Some kind of detailed qualitative analysis is needed. The “ratings” on which the service’s recommendations rely too often seem announced arbitrarily and without persuasive explanation. Of the multiple ratings systems that Adam offers, it’s almost never clear why a stock gets the exact rating it does; we are asked to accept Adam’s numerical ratings conclusions at face value without any real understanding of what lies behind them. He often writes that his ratings and watchlist are the best in the world, but he offers almost nothing that allows the reader to really evaluate them for himself. My conclusion: Adam’s ingenious, the service is helpful in suggesting candidates, but it’s also hard to trust or even really understand. I’m always cautious about accepting Adam’s conclusions because they are based on numbers I don’t understand, and rely on ratings which are entirely of Adam’s own devising and are not clearly objective and factual.

Going downhill as quickly as the seasons change

I originally liked the coverage of a variety of stocks back during 2020 and early 2021. Dividend Sensei would cover a new stock seemly every day. Now he’s focused on the same group of 10-15 tickers (think BTI, MO, MMP, EDP, etc.). Update are random and not focused around earnings, meaning you could see 5 BTI articles between earnings calls when nothing has materially changed for the company. From diving into crypto/staking to jumping into portfolio construction, it’s clear Dividend Sensei has lost his footing around what made the service so great originally.

Good, but not perfect.

Overall, DK has a ton of tools and information that you can use to research a multitude of dividend paying stocks. But personally, I get tired of all the pumping of stocks that I have no interest in. For instance, tobacco and China stocks such as BABA would be a perfect examples. I tried to warn them that the risks of investing in BABA were much greater than what they were allowing but I don’t believe my advice was well received. Well, they say experience is a great teacher. I would rate this service “5 Star” if there was a way to exclude stocks that the user has no interest in.

Just ok

Just ok DS is all over the place.

Fine for L/T Investors, But Not Retirees.

I subscribed in August, and their recs were fine up until CV struck. When things went south, DK implemented a new portfolio, effectively wiping the slate clean. Their aggregation of quantitative history is superlative, but their forecasting relies too heavily on “reversion-to-the-mean” without considering macro events. They discontinued coverage of preferred dividends, (except in one recent instance wherein the recommended company MFA had already suspended common/preferred dividends on two issues. Ouch!) I think each of the DK principals offers an alternate subscription venue and I don’t sense their recommendations are identical with DK. They are very good at following up inquiries with answers to your questions, although you may not agree with their reasoning. Summarily, if you rely on common stock dividends to live on, but don’t have an ongoing source of new income to invest, there are better services available for your situation.

Good but you can do much better

Good analysis of the markets, economy and individual company stocks. However, the communication for the various portfolios is poor. Good communication and email notification is given for the Phoenix portfolio, but nothing is given for the other portfolios. I inquired on this concern, and I got a very terse and uncaring response that you were too busy to provide this notice, You told me to follow the messages board to get these notices. First of all, I don’t have time to follow the message boards every day to find trade notices. Secondly, if you can provide email notices for Phoenix, why can’t you provide for the other portfolios? Thirdly, the message board is very cumbersome and poor. This needs much improvement. Lastly, you need to have a better empathy for the customer and listen to them as opposed to providing an arrogant response., The likelihood of me renewing has been reduced as a result. There are too many competing services for you to have this attitude toward the customer.


Very unhappy with support. i’ve sent SEVERAL messages but recieved no reply. The service itself is great though.

The Dividend Kings – Don’t Expect to Follow Various Advertised Portfolios and Trades

There was a time when I really liked The Dividend Kings. You could actually track trades that they made for a number of different portfolios with different goals (Fortress, Phoenix, High-Yield Blue Chip, Deep Value Blue Chip, $1 Million Retirement, Real Money Portfolio). Every week on Friday I would be able to review all of their trades and make adjustments to my own portfolio based on whether or not I wanted to follow their lead or not. Since that time, they have completed stopped doing anything with these portfolios and have gone to a planning for a recession using some new Correction Planning tool, which is confusing as hell. So, if you are considering subscribing to this service thinking that they will be posting trades for these portfolios, don’t believe it. I had the misfortune of signing up for a 1 year subscription and am having buyer’s remorse but of course I can’t get a refund. If you are just using it as a research tool to find valuations for stocks based on their opinions the service is okay for that but should be less expensive.

Sorry but that is not appropriate

I was not going to write a review but received this from them this morning! ( “when you provide these testimonials we will send you a FREE copy of “*If You Must Speculate, Learn The Rules*”…. thus far, we’ve have sent out well over 50 books so if you have not done so yet, please help us with a 5-star review…” ) Sorry but that is not appropriate for a quality investment service! I have been using the service for around 6 months. The data quality and research is good. Do not care for the overly optimistic video’s and comments like wonderful stocks, and going to make you rich. Risks on various stocks are understated and historical data does not forecast the future!

Review score 3 months in, will post most as time goes on

Review score 3 months in, will post most as time goes on. Final review at 12 months. I paid for the year, but if I could cancel or get refunded today I would leave.

Service lacks humility to stay within area of competence; gives really bad analysis that shakes confidence

I’m updating my review, but have left the initial glowing one below. I really thought the service was strong at the start. A big part of that was that it seemed to have a purpose and a focus, and stuck to that limited but important circle of competence: finding safe, reliable, and hopefully growing dividend-paying stocks, at good valuation. Eventually, they tried to become more than that, and ventured well outside what they might even know about. These are NOT the people to be providing expertise on the COVID-19 pandemic, but that hasn’t slowed down the excessive preaching and condescension. That’s bad enough on its own, but the fact that it is packed with so much ignorance and poor analysis makes it especially off-putting. The analysis was so incredibly poor, it completely destroyed any capacity to trust them with any analysis. As an example, Adam estimated that by shutting down the country, we may have saved 4 quadrillion dollars. I don’t care what anyone thinks of our response to the pandemic, you should really have a second thought before you post something so outlandish. But he also claimed potential $77 trillion saved just by closing Minnesota, where the majority of deaths have been among terminally ill nursing home patients. Again, just a result from analysis that is so obviously ludicrous on its face, it should have given pause. But it didn’t. Time and time again. And any question was answered with “well, Experts say so”, which again, is ignorant and narrow minded because Experts don’t all agree. So how can I trust that sound analysis could be done on anything financial, which I’m actually paying for? I can’t. It was really just that bad. As a bright spot, Chuck is a treasure. It’s no coincidence that he sticks precisely within his area of competence, and he is very impressive. It just isn’t enough to overcome the value-destruction from other parts of the service for me. I hope they can find their way back to the original spirit of what they were trying to do. Maybe after the pandemic/riots/election, that focus will return. I wish them and their community the best, but I do not recommend the service at this time. ______________________________________________________Original Review follows:______________ As a charter member of the service, I have to say that I am very happy with it and it has exceeded my expectations. There are daily articles that are well-written and informative, both for current information as well as for understanding the philosophy and rationale for evaluating stocks. Chuck’s analyze-out-loud videos are fantastic. Adam is the busiest man on Seeking Alpha, responding to every single request in the live chat. I don’t know how he does it.

Throw money in a black hole service

If You do not mind portfolio drawdowns of 70% and always hear “Buy more on dip” loosing more on new purchases that’s service for You. All the dividends you get will never cover Your capital losses on their “Never sell till You die portfolio”



A Shotgun Approach to Investing

Site is trying to be all things to all investors while expanding beyond its core competencies.

Customer Service

Worst customer I have ever experienced. Grossly understaffed. Put on hold for over an hour and could not answer an easy question.

Support is NON Existent

The service may provide good information….it is hard to know. Some of the tools do not work properly and you CANNOT get any support. Good luck if you subscribe.

Everyone gets fed at high tide.

This service is stupid. They would have you buying the dip, only to see it dip another 30%, and then be out of cash going into a depression. They have absolutely no sense of current events, the credit/debt cycle, or basic common sense. They have a recipe, and they follow it blindly, the reality of the world be damned. will they do ok if you have a 15 or 20 year time horizon, perhaps, but throwing darts at a list of companies on the S&P 500 will do ok over 15 or 20 years.

Not worth the money

This is not what I subscribed for!