Blockbuster Trade Proposal Lands Bulls’ $189 Million Superstar

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Getty Billy Donovan, Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls have endured an inconsistent start to the new NBA season, going 5-6 over their first 11 games.

Chicago’s front office has grand ideas of constructing a championship-caliber team, so, it’s fair to assume they would be open to making a big-time trade if the opportunity arose. According to a Western Conference Executive, who spoke with Heavy on Sports’ NBA Insider Sean Deveney under the condition of anonymity, Chicago could potentially find themselves in the running for Anthony Davis should the Los Angeles Lakers decide to part ways with the multi-skilled forward.

“If they (the Lakers) were to make a deal, it would be to send him back to Chicago for another Klutch guy, Zach LaVine. Davis is from Chicago, he would like to play there. LaVine played at UCLA and has said he wants to play in L.A. I think that is the only deal that would sort of satisfy all parties. Because, look, the Lakers wanted AD to be the guy who took over the franchise after LeBron and it is obvious he is not the guy to do that. Maybe LaVine can be,” The executive said.

Sure, losing LaVine – a successful reclamation project by the Bulls coaching staff – would hurt, but acquiring a Chicago native with genuine superstar talent would be a significant boost for the Bulls, and could potentially position them to be contenders in the Eastern Conference.

Davis Could be Available For Trade

According to Bill Simmons, who was speaking on a November 7 episode of The Bill Simmons Podcast, the Lakers could potentially be interested in exploring the trade market for Davis.

“There’s some buzz, just some buzzing, that AD might be available. That that’s a plan B. Because, the Westbrook trade – or whatever they think they can get for Westbrook and whether you’d want to give up future assets – maybe that doesn’t even make sense because what are you getting if you’re the Lakers? You’ve got Davis here, who I don’t think has looked the same for a couple of years – certainly not close to Bubble Davis.

That’s the last time we saw vintage, 2018 Pelicans-level Davis…I don’t know what the endgame is with this Lakers team, but I know the Pelicans have their pick. And I don’t think, whatever they have, I don’t think it’s really fixable in a way to make them a playoff team,” Simmons said.

Davis’ injury history may mean that there’s a limited market for his services, but if Chicago’s front office believes they can get the best out of the talented forward, and help bring him back to superstar levels, then they will likely be willing to at least explore a LaVine for Davis deal.

Rob Pelinka Could Veto a Davis Trade

While there might be some noise coming from the Lakers camp regarding a potential trade, it would appear that Rob Pelinka’s continued presence in the front office could be a legitimate factor in Davis remaining on the West Coast.

According to the executive who spoke with Deveney, Pelinka is unlikely to agree on a deal that would see his marquee trade addition leave the franchise via trade.

“I don’t think they’re going to get to that point as long as Rob (Pelinka) is there because the deal to get AD was his. And look, they won a title and they have AD but it has not worked out the way they hoped. Brandon Ingram is a great player, Josh Hart is a really good one. Lonzo Ball can’t stay healthy but he has been good when he is out there. They gave up picks, too. So they’re not looking to move on from AD, there’s too much invested in him,” The executive told Deveney.

However, if the Lakers continue to struggle for wins, and Russell Westbrook continues his resurgence towards All-Star while coming off Los Angeles’ bench, Pelinka may be forced into exploring trades for his prized asset – and that’s where Chicago could benefit the most.