Allspring Debuts New Brand for the Future of Investing

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Wolff Olins partnered with Allspring leadership to develop a vision, purpose, name, and identity for the new organisation

Allspring Global Investments, formerly Wells Fargo Asset Management, debuts a new brand for the future of investing  

Allspring Global Investments, the former asset management division of Wells Fargo, has launched its new brand. The new brand created in partnership with global brand strategy and design firm Wolff Olins, establishes Allspring as an independent company with a vision to inspire a new era of investing that pursues both financial returns and positive outcomes.

Wolff Olins partnered with Allspring leadership to develop a vision, purpose, name, and identity for the new organisation. The new platform differentiates the brand with a focus that not only seeks to deliver returns, but also serves as the catalyst for meaningful growth, innovation and an inherent commitment to creating positive outcomes for clients and communities.

The new brand will help signal a path forward that is very different from perceptions of the past, says Aaron Smith, global principal of Wolff Olins. “We’re hoping this rebrand invites clients, stakeholders and the financial services space at large, to look at investing with a fresh set of eyes,” he says. “In today’s day and age, simply meeting returns isn’t enough.”

The name ‘Allspring’ moves beyond the traditional gravitas of the financial services category by telling a human story that conveys sustained partnership and continued growth. The identity untethers the brand from Wells Fargo’s legacy stagecoach to a dynamic symbol inspired by Allspring’s flexible, tailored approach to investing. The mark transforms the quadrants of a simple investment portfolio chart into a symbol to signal elevation and meaningful growth – a reference to the new name. The primary colour, Violet, stands out among the blues and greens prevalent in the category while signalling trust, warmth and credibility. 

Daniel Renda, creative director of Wolff Olins, says of the new identity: “With the trust and help of the Allspring team, we created a brand expression that embodies both who they are today and who they aspire to be in the future.”

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Wolff Olins, Mon, 08 Nov 2021 15:31:40 GMT