Spintec Baccarat electronic game with new ‘squeeze’ options

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Slovenia-based electronic casino table game supplier Spintec d.o.o. says its Spintec Baccarat product has been upgraded with new features.

The upgraded product is already available in a number of Asia-Pacific markets, said the company.

The improvements include: new graphics on the user screen; 20 different playing fields with “several unique side bets”; new virtual dealers; and several virtual ‘card squeeze’ options (example pictured).

Spintec said in a press release: “With the new squeeze option, the player can squeeze the card from the top or from the side, increase or decrease the reveal speed or even accelerate the game to fast or super-fast.”

The statement added: “Alternatively, to speed up the game overall, the casino can apply the automatic squeeze option. VIP players have the option to customise their card squeeze by themselves.”

In the multiplayer version of Spintec Baccarat, players can “monitor the bets other players are making and further increase the excitement with this strategic overview,” said the supplier.

The updated product is “approved, certified and available” in Macau, the Philippines, and Vietnam, said Spintec via email in response to GGRAsia’s enquiry.

The latest Spintec Baccarat is “available also for South Korea,” and some other Asia-Pacific markets, added the manufacturer.

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