JPMorgan Chase, Home Depot share losses lead Dow's 300-point fall

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average is down Friday afternoon with shares of JPMorgan Chase and Home Depot delivering the stiffest headwinds for the price-weighted average. The Dow DJIA, -0.67% was most recently trading 301 points lower (-0.8%), as shares of JPMorgan Chase JPM, -6.37% and Home Depot HD, -3.84% have contributed to the blue-chip gauge’s intraday decline. JPMorgan Chase’s shares have dropped $10.92, or 6.5%, while those of Home Depot have fallen $15.26, or 3.9%, combining for an approximately 173-point drag on the Dow. Also contributing significantly to the decline are American Express AXP, -3.46%, Goldman Sachs GS, -2.75%, and Walt Disney DIS, -2.43%. A $1 move in any one of the 30 components of the Dow results in a 6.59-point swing.