Another 14% drop in S&P 500 when the market crash? [Video]

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Original content:  Another 14% drop in S&P 500 when the market crash? [Video]

Find out the 2 bearish scenarios you can expect that leads to a market crash and what you can expect for S&P 500 for a violation of this crash. Also, what you need to worry about after 21 & 22 Apr 2022 due to the loss of leadership sectors and industry groups.

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If you are wondering if there is any trade entry setup from the stock screener, take a look below of the screenshot from my stock screener:

It is clear from above that the bull to bear setup is 39 vs 859. Previous leading industry groups such as oil and gas, gold miners, commodity milling, agricultural chemical, coal, etc… also experienced a sharp selloff. This could be a potential rotation out from these leadership stocks.

Now is time to stay out from the long side. Majority of the bearish stocks are oversold and is late to short. Furthermore, the market is testing the support area.