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Editor’s Note: This article is meant to introduce a new Marketplace service, Livy Investment Research

The Livy Investment Research marketplace service prioritizes providing informative research pertaining to investment opportunities within the innovative technology sector. We are here to not only identify, but also validate current revolutionary growth trends that include virtual reality, cloud computing, and electric/autonomous mobility, and provide you with the educational tools and research needed to support your investment convictions.

Innovative tech themes and their opportunities will inevitably become the core driver of value creation over the next decade. Technology spending as a percentage of the global economy is expected to double over the coming years as innovation continues to expand its role in our day-to-day – an incredible opportunity, right?

Considering global digital transformation is still at very early innings, there is nothing more exciting than to be an active participant in these growth opportunities. But it takes more than just patient capital to invest in innovative tech assets and generate outsized returns over the long-run. Having a strong understanding of the fundamentals driving the underlying business, industry, and demand environment is just as important in the process of identifying the best opportunities. This is what will give you ultimate control over your investment portfolio, and we aim to help with that.

What You Get When You Join Livy Investment Research

Here is a detailed breakdown of exclusive Livy Investment Research offerings aimed at helping you make the most informed investment decisions in tech:

  • Regularly updated coverage deep-dives on our portfolio of covered growth tickers, and research on innovative growth opportunities. Our research coverage will also include recommendations on compelling buy/sell opportunities in technology.
  • Editable versions of the fundamental forecasts and financial models accompanying our research.
  • Industry primers covering key emerging themes spanning electric/autonomous mobility to cloud-computing and semiconductors.
  • Daily newsletter encompassing a summary of relevant headlines, upcoming calendar and corporate events, and a brief overview on key macro and micro considerations for the day.
  • Direct access to our actively monitored chat room where members can engage, ask questions, request additional research and/or insight, and share ideas.

The regular rate for our service is $799 per year. But to commemorate the launch of our new service, we will be offering a legacy 50% discount for new sign-ups over the next two weeks until June 15th at $399 per year.

You Might Ask: Why Tech?

“Tech is down at the moment, but it is not out”.

In a year blighted by macro headwinds spanning record inflation and rising interest rates to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and extended COVID lockdowns in China, it has been a tough time for investing in public markets. It has been an even tougher time for investing in tech stocks, given their nature as duration-characterized assets with cash flows being the furthest away from realization.

But the increasingly critical role that innovative technology plays in our day-to-day will continue to reinforce its eventual growth story, despite today’s volatile market climate. Many nascent technology trends, such as electric vehicles and cloud computing, which were once introduced as concepts, have since evolved into necessities across everyday settings of life. Yet, they only represent a mere 10% of the combined market cap of all U.S. equities, underscoring the massive growth runway that lies ahead still.

While tech stocks have been battered by mounting macroeconomic challenges this year, the current paradox between its growth prospects and the recent downward adjustment to their valuations provides some very compelling entry opportunities. Grounded in fundamental research, our service strives to identify the best investment ideas in technology to get you exposure to exponential innovation-driven upsides over the long-run.

Who Livy Investment Research is For

The Livy Investment Research marketplace service provides research coverage on innovative growth opportunities curated for investors with a long-term investment horizon and patient capital. With many nascent technologies still outside of mass-market adoption, understanding their long-term effects can be a daunting task.

Whether you are a new or experienced investor, our service aims to support you in the process of understanding and embracing innovative themes, as well as related investment opportunities. It is our goal to always provide accessible, applicable and easy-to-understand fundamental research material. With investment convictions grounded in research, we strive to help you curate a portfolio capable of capturing future growth in the rapidly changing world.

If you are a beginner in equity investing, you are welcome to take advantage of our stock deep-dives, industry primers and daily newsletter to familiarize yourself with current growth themes and emerging opportunities. And if you are experienced, feel free to give your own theories and growth assumptions a test drive too by using the interactive financial models that accompany our research coverage.

Start Now and Let the Power of Research Drive Your Convictions

The current disparity between the robust demand environment for technology and the sector’s compressed valuations has created some attractive entry opportunities. If you want to learn more about emerging tech themes and our service offerings resonate with your investment needs, then we hope you will try out Livy Investment Research.

Our legacy discount will run for the next two weeks until June 15th – all new sign-ups over this period will be eligible for a lifetime 50% discount at $399 per year. You can even take advantage of our two-week free trial to test out the service before committing. Click here to get started!

If you have any questions about the Livy Investment Research marketplace service, please feel free to send us a direct message anytime or leave a comment in the section below.

We would be thrilled to have you join our community!

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