Here's What You Need to Know About Investing in Energy

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I feel like Sally Field at The Oscars in 1985… “I can’t deny the fact that you like me”. Since I started my HOAX portfolio the day before Christmas last year, I have had a total of nearly two thousand “share requests” for the family of model portfolios created by my firm. 

But to understand income investing, one must understand the key principle: reinvesting the income.

The links that you so graciously requested will always work, but those represent a snapshot of the respective portfolios as of date of imitation. Subscribers to the products I am offering will have access to my reinvestment – and reallocation, if and when necessary – trades in real time. As my asset management clients know, I geek out about this stuff way too much, but actually trade only as the interest/dividend payments roll in.

Those trades are what turn a cute idea into a nest egg, and I love making them. 

When we have an uptrend like the bounce in hydrocarbon pricing in 2022, it feels like investing is as easy as riding a bike. But, actually, I think it is as easy as falling off a bike, as our Commander-in-Chief so famously did last weekend. Real Money is serious, not a meme site, but Biden’s tumble tells you all you need to know about investing in the energy space in 2022.

Who is actually in charge of the US now? Who is feeding Biden the lines which he uses to attack one of America’s key industries? What in God’s name was Biden thinking by taking shots at Chevron (CVX) ? I will take Mike Wirth of CVX, which has made us so much money as a HOAX constituent, in a bicycle-dismounting contest vs. #46 any day.

This rudderlessness in DC has created an environment that is downright hostile to domestic exploitation of hydrocarbons. Thus, their prices have risen. Basic economics.

It brings me back to one key principle. I am on my 20th country in the last six months, spreading the gospel, and let me just say this one more time: The planet is not melting. I have seen so much of our beautiful Mother Earth in the last half-year, and, let me tell you, she’s in awesome shape.

But, because of lack of access to hydrocarbons, so many folks on earth – this is an acute problem in Africa – lack access to what we in the West consider to be basic necessities. I don’t doubt the technical acumen of the world’s brilliant scientists, but the feckless technocrats who control them have sentenced those scientists to a ridiculous, carbon-neutralizing wild goose chase.

If you want quick heat, would you rather erect a windmill, build a massive battery array to store the energy – especially during the periods when that windmill doesn’t turn – and then build electrical infrastructure, which is prone to further thermal loss, to bring that heat to you, or would you rather light a match?

It’s just common sense, and I am glad that Real Money has allowed me the platform to bring so many of you with me on my journey to above-market returns.

We are winning, and doing it without regard to left-wing/right-wing squabbles or personality cults or whatever else forces people to choose one side or the other. I don’t take sides. I just make my clients money…and have fun doing so.