Dodgers Rumors: Insiders Say Any Juan Soto Trade Would Cost LA a Lot of Talent

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Since Juan Soto rejected a 14 year, $440 million offer from the Washington Nationals yesterday morning, there has been plenty of buzz about what exactly he wants and how much teams would have to give up for a potential trade.

A few sports insiders have given their opinion on the situation and have broken down the cost and benefit analysis.

In one example, Jeff Passan broke down what it could take to acquire the star studded outfielder from the Dodgers based on a complex algorithm.

Every team has an algorithm that assigns a dollar value to a player. These numbers from @BaseballValues are one example of those. Cannot imagine the Dodgers would do a deal like this. But it gives you a sense of just how much talent the Nationals would look to reap for Juan Soto.

Yup, that’s a 6-for-1 player swap based on each player’s value. In this example, LA is sending along a package of top prospects and current MLBers with years of team control.

In another example, Dylan Hernandez of the Los Angeles Times, thinks if the possibility of including Dodger prospect Diego Cartaya in a package to acquire Juan Soto comes up, the Dodgers should take it.

“Cartaya could be a franchise player. Soto is a franchise player, and he is only three years older…Soto is a perfect match for the Dodgers, a ready-made superstar who can help them maximize their current championship window but also a youthful impact player around whom they can build around in their next cycle.”

The 6 foot 3 future high-end power hitter, has 28 home runs in 142 career minor league games and he’s only 20 years old.

Anyone can agree that the cost for Soto on any team in the major leagues would likely include a $500 million offer.

The Dodgers could be in a position to make this work though as Soto enters free agency in 2024.

After this season, the Dodgers will have $106 million in payroll once big stars like Trea Turner, Justin Turner, Kershaw, Craig Kimbrel, David Price, Andrew Heaney and Tyler Anderson are free agents.

If the Dodgers were to score the All-Star Venezuelan on their roster, they would also be able to keep him out of other people’s hands including division rivals like the San Diego Padres and San Francisco Giants.

This year’s trade deadline is coming up soon (August 2nd) so anything could happen within the next few weeks.