Trend P.I. Results & Update: S&P 500 had a change in trend point

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Recap 9/16 – The S&P opened with a 20 handle gap down and then traded another 24 handles lower into a 9:59 AM low of the day.

From that low, the S&P rallied 17 handles into a 10;36 AM high. From that high, the S&P declined 37 handles into a 12:28 PM low. From that low, the S&P rallied 39 handles into a 3:06 PM high. From that high, the S&P declined 19 handles into a 3:31 PM low. From that low, the S&P rallied 19 handles into the high of the day near the close.

9/16 – The major indices had a moderate down day to finish per the following closes: DJIA – 139.40; S&P 500 – 28.02; and the

Nasdaq Comp. – 103.95.

Review & Looking ahead – We had a change in trend point, 9/15 AC. The S&P made it’s low of the day, in the first half hour, Friday, which fits the classic change in trend pattern. Now we have a change in trend due over the 9/16 weekend. Friday, the market rallied to close near it’s high of the day. The most likely scenario is a high during Monday’s first hour. Most of the coming week is Astrologically quiet. Please see details below.

The Now Index has moved back to the BUY ALERT ZONE. This is a cautionary indication that there is a moderate imbalance of too many shorts.

This is not an outright buy signal.

Coming Events:

(Stocks potentially respond to all events).

E. 9/16 AC – Neptune Parallel US Saturn. Major change in trend US Stocks, T-Bonds, US Dollar. 
9/20 AC – Jupiter 45 Saturn. Moderate change in trend Coffee, Copper, Oats. 
9/23 AC – New Moon in Libra. Major change in trend Financials, Grains, Precious Metals, Sugar, Wheat.
Market Math –

9/30 = 5,468 (Music) days > 10/11/2007 MAJOR HIGH

Fibonacci – 9/23, 9/27

*DJIA – 9/22, 9/27

*NYSE – 9/26

Astro – 9/19, 9/26, 9/27, *9/30 AC

Please see below the S&P 500 10 minute chart.

Support – 3830, 3790 Resistance – 3880, 3950

Please see below the S&P 500 Daily chart

Support – 3830, 3790, 3750 Resistance – 3880, 3950

Please see below the September Planetary Index charts with S&P 500 10 minute bars for results..