S&P 500 Elliott Wave Bear Market Rally: Fail on Feds rates Wed

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Stock Market SP 500, NASDAQ 100 NDX, Russell 2000 RUT. Dow Jones Industrial (DJI) Elliott Wave Technical Analysis and Trading Strategies.
US Markets News Today:U.S. stock benchmarks rose to kick off the trading week, as investors looked ahead to the Fed’s interest-rate decision Wednesday.
Elliott Wave Market Summary: The move up is likely a Wave (ii) correct bear market rally, that may indeed hang around until Fed’s meeting on Wed.
Elliott Wave count: Wave (ii) or ii) corrective rally.
Day / Trend Trading Strategies: Continue to add to new lows if the market moves lower in line with the Elliott wave count.

Video Chapters:
00:00 S&P500.
09:59 NASDAQ 100 (NDX).
11:07 Russell 2000 (RUT).
12:33 Dow Jones Industrial Average.
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