How much cash do you need to start investing?

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“Saying that, it’s important to clarify that Australians can start investing for as little as $500 for ETFs and shares while for managed funds they should check with their investment provider.”

He added that investing in a volatile market poses challenges, and many investors prefer to invest smaller amounts regularly, rather than investing a large amount of cash in one go.

“Overall eight in 10 respondents put less than 30 per cent of their monthly net income towards investing,” he added.

“Gen Z, Millennial and Gen X investors invest twice as much of their net income as Baby Boomers with Millennials putting the most of their income in percentage terms towards investing.”

Most investors (80 per cent) put less than 30 per cent of their monthly net income towards their investments, with investors putting 18 per cent of their income into investments on average.

However, investors with higher monthly incomes were more likely to put more in, while younger investors were also more likely to put a higher chunk of their income into their investments, compared to Baby Boomers.


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